Glenn having a crush on you would include:



• Him being rather a bit nervous around you but trying, even though it’s often unsuccessful, to not make it too obvious to you

• Him really loving to make you laugh and always trying his very best to do so

• Him not being able to lie to you in any way, even about small things just because he would have a bad conscience and thinks you deserve to know the truth

• Him growing pretty protective of you and being determined to save and protect you from any harm

• Him just directly having to think about you whenever he’d find something he thinks you’d like only to take them with him and give them to you as gifts

• Him being happy whenever he sees that you’re having the same shift or are arranged to go on the same run

• Him always being ready to comfort you and take care of you whenever he notices that you’re feeling awful or are even grieving while having a pretty hard time to see you this way

• Him trying to sit next or at least near you whenever it’s possible even though he knows he grows pretty nervous but happy whenever that happens

• Him just really loving whenever you’d touch him, even though these touches might be accidental while he loves your hugs even more

• Him catching himself being pretty jealous whenever he sees that someone seems to be interested in you as well or even flirts with you, only to “accidentally” disturb your conversation or call for you to help him with something whenever he sees that happen and just can’t take it anymore

• Him complementing you and even blushing a bit whenever you compliment him regardless of what it is about

• Him loving to see how much of a fighter you are, but always having his eyes on you when you fight someone or something just to be hundred percent sure that nothing can happen to you in any way

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