Being best friends with Glenn pre and post apocalypse would include:



• Knowing his whole family and being close with his sisters as well while you both grow up together

• Him being like a brother to you while knowing that you can count as much on him as he can count on you

• Moving with him from Michigan to Atlanta or it’s surroundings to start new lives after you graduated

• Using the advantage to have a pizza delivery boy as best friend to always have the best pizza in house doesn’t matter if it’s for a lazy best friends night in or a party

• Taking care of each other as the world seems to go to an end only to end up together with the others

• Swearing each other to always search if anyone gets lost and to not let the world turn you cold

• Being the one who encourages him to show his feelings to Maggie, just let his emotions and intuition guide the way and not let this new world make him doubt himself or his feelings

• Being his favorite partner to go on runs with even though he’d be pretty protective of you as well

• Loving to see the way he grows and becomes more confident but still not losing himself in this cruel world and always staying humane

• Being close to Maggie and her always making you feel that she’s glad for you being in Glenn’s and now also hers life

• Him always knowing the right words and ways to encourage you to continue fighting when you’re really feeling down

• Being the first one to know about Maggie’s pregnancy with Glenn directly telling you that there’s no doubt that his kid is going to be your godchild

• Going on runs with him to search for baby clothes or stuffed animals only to often end up joking around

• Being outraged and distraught as you have to see how Glenn gets murdered only to see that his last words are directed at you and his wife

• Feeling torn through grief after his death only to keep on fighting for him, knowing that this is exactly what he would want you to do

• Maggie and you being each other’s anchors after Glenn’s death only to be sure that you will do everything to keep your best friends’ kid safe

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