Simon having a crush on you would include:



• Him trying to constantly impress you in any way regardless of if it’s with his body, his personality or even his position as right-hand man

• Him showing off his position in front of others to you by ordering the other man around or looking over to you while he’s giving orders

• Him flirting with you at any chance he gets while always having a big grin on his lips and even going as far as bragging about his qualities in bed

• Him making sure you got everything you need regardless of if it’s food, medicine or even things that are rather luxuries while using the advantages he has as right-hand man

• Him having a hard time to keep his eyes off you whenever you’re around him especially when you bend over to get something

• Him trying to use every minute he’s alone with you and trying constantly to make those happen by ordering the men around or out of the room you’re in

• Him being really protective of you and always having an eye on you while paying attention that no danger, alive and dead, can come too close to you

• Him loving whenever you’d touch him accidentally only to hope you’d feel how muscular he is beneath his shirt

• Him making sure that you see how much of a good fighter he is while he’s fighting walkers or even humans just to make sure you see that he can protect you and keep you safe

• Him noticing that even he is turning nervous and antsy when you’re close only to realize that you can actually make him somehow vulnerable

• Him being incredibly jealous whenever he sees another man just nearly flirting with you only to always burst into the conversation or directly give them a new order

• Him trying to get on runs or task only with you and no one else, to make sure he has you only for himself

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