Falling asleep with Daryl would include:



• Him mostly being a bit restless and rolling a little around as soon as he gets into the bed, trying to get comfortable before you join him

• Developing the habit to talk about his latest runs or other things that happened to you during the day while Daryl’s scooting closer and closer

• Him sometimes, especially after pretty exhausting days, enjoying to lay his head on your chest or in the crook of your neck while you let your hands run through his hair

• Him having the habit of not fall asleep until you come back if you’re working longer or are even coming from a run this night, just because he wants to know you’re safe before he falls asleep

• Him holding you tightly as he’s turning even more sleepy only to feel at peace when he can feel your body and your warmth

• Him loving the way you’d relax in his arms when he feels you slowly drifting into a deep sleep

• Him enjoying whenever you bury your head into his chest or anywhere else while huddling closer to him while he’s wrapping his arms closely around you only for the both of you to feel completely loved

• Him making sure you got enough of the blankets and are all warm while not caring if he has a lot left of it or not

• Whenever he has trouble to fall asleep him grumbling while turning and rolling while making sure that it doesn’t keep you from sleeping

• Him sometimes giving you small back rubs while already laying in bed when he notices that you’re feeling uncomfortable or having a hurting back only for you to relax that much that you’re almost falling asleep

• Him always having to feel you close and having to know that you’re right in his arms or next to him to be able to properly fall asleep

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