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A Richonne Ranking: 40 Moments
[15] Shaved – Remember, 5×12

The last image Rick sees in his flashbacks of Michonne in the Season 7 premiere is of this brief, seemingly insignificant exchange. It’s Michonne beaming at him, giddy on brushed teeth and freshly shaven bae. A must-read post I loved by @michonnejennings posited this as the first moment he felt that magical It – at least consciously, in that arrow to the heart kind of a way. Hence its inclusion in the flashbacks.

You see a certain curiosity on Rick’s face. They dance between bold, gleeful flirtation and the safety of their familiar, familial best friendship. This scene, in many ways, feels like a first of sorts and hits upon something Scott Gimple says of their later consummation: “When the world stopped screaming and clawing for them, they realized what they had.” Here, as they settle into the safety of Alexandria, they are allowed to breathe for just a second and what emerges seems to be a first moment of romance. Not sexual tension, not intimacy, not openness. Romance. That kind of bashful, joyful early stage of love that makes you giddy at just the sight of the other person. Michonne is just so happy. So yeah, makes sense that this is the image of her that Rick’s got locked down in his memory.

  • Greg Nicotero: So, this scene… Danai and I had a little argument about this. It’s a great story because when Michonne comes out of the bathroom, she’s brushed her teeth and she’s all smiley and happy, and she sees Rick. And I was a little concerned that I didn’t want this to play too flirtatious. So, we did a couple of takes. This was the first take that we did and I remember going to her and saying, “Hey, let’s take down the flirtatious aspect just a little.” We got little gauges of it and afterwards, I was a bit frustrated and I think you were a bit frustrated. We had a little conversation after wrap about it and then, of course, I get into the editing room and I watch the takes. I look at the first take and I’m like, “That’s the first take. It’s definitely…” And I went back to location and I went up to Danai, and I said, “Listen, what I love about my job is that I still learn about how to make movies and how to craft these stories, and you had an instinct and your instinct was right. And I’m glad that we got that take. I’m glad we did the other takes too, but you were right.” There I said it. Everybody in the world knows. […] Does everybody want to have sex with Rick Grimes now that he’s shaved his beard off? I guess so.
  • Danai: Maybe!