Carl being jealous would include:



• Him noticing this one person who always seems to aim for your attention and attempts to flirt with you whenever they get the chance

• Him beginning to keep an eye on this person and watching their every step especially when you’re around

• Him avoiding to talk to them or if he does being grumpy and giving them the shortest answers possible while having problems to not glare at them

• Him feeling in some lonely moments somehow insecure and asking himself if you could actually begin to like this person more while especially feeling insecure about his eye

• Whenever this person is with you both and also others in the same room him grabbing your hand, wrapping his arms around you or kissing you more often while trying to show this person that you both belong together

• Him trying to shift things a little so you’re not going alone on runs with them or having tasks along with them only to try to have more time with you himself

• Him having to control himself to not tell them to finally leave you alone and stop trying to start something with you while feeling annoyed that this person can bother him so much

• Him reacting grumpy and pretty tensed whenever you’d bring this person up or even say something positive about them only for you to notice what’s going on

• Him at first not admitting his jealousy when you’d ask him until the moment would come it would break out of him that he’s just afraid to lose you to them

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