Cuddling with Simon would include:



• Him just sometimes being in the mood for it, especially after exhausting days and he just needs to feel you close

• Him often grabbing you and pulling you into his lap before slinging his arms around you to hold you tightly while enjoying to feel your whole body

• Him enjoying to be your big spoon especially because it gives him the ability to runs his hands all over you, gives him easy access to your neck to leave hickeys and to grind against you

• Him sometimes realizing how much he enjoys the way he can make you feel safe and protected through simply wrapping his arms around you

• Him letting you cuddle up to him while slinging an arm around you and letting his free hand run from your back all over down to your butt only to rip you out of your thoughts by grabbing a good handful of it

• Him falling easier asleep whenever he’s holding you close or feels you scooting closer to him and eventually resting your head on his chest before dozing off yourself

• Him sometimes teasing you about enjoying to cuddle with him that much only to have to hear from you that you exactly know that he enjoys it just as much even though he mostly doesn’t admit it

• Him sometimes actually loving to nuzzle his head into the curve of your neck while huddling close, just needing to be intimate and affectionate with you 

• Him loving to pull you over after having sex only to especially enjoy, to feel your body that intense but also soft after being often so rough with you

• Him being able to shut down and completely relax while holding you, forgetting the stress he often has as right-hand man and just letting himself fall

• Him being surprised about himself how much he actually enjoys the soft touches and small kisses you sometimes trail from his collarbones up to his lips while you’re cuddling 

• Him loving to turn just the cuddling to a make out session by teasingly grabbing you and grinding on you, making you feel how ready he is for you which mostly turns earlier or later into sex

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