Being pregnant with Rick’s child would include:



• Him being endlessly happy as he finds out about your pregnancy, while already looking forward to the moment his family extends

• Him trying his very best to keep himself from thinking what could happen to you and the baby during the birth, especially for your sake

• Carl being pretty excited to know that he’s having another sibling only to try and somehow explain to Judith that she’s gonna be a big sister as well

• Rick having the habit of holding you while you’re sleeping to always keep one hand on your belly while the other one is caressing you

• Him staying by your side as the morning sickness hits you with all its got, trying to somehow comfort you while hating to see you feeling that messed up

• Him making sure that you got all you need, regardless of if it’s food or medicine or literally anything else, as well as making sure that you know how much you and his baby mean to him

• Him having Carls help whenever it comes to build some furniture for the baby up or anything else that could help you and his kid

• Him realizing again how thankful he is for Alexandria, its safety and especially the opportunities it gives Carl, Judith and soon also your kid

• Him being, even after already having experienced it two times, speechless when he feels the baby first moving while actually tearing up a little

• Him being really protective and keeping his weapons closer than ever, especially at night, to always be ready to protect the both of you

• Letting Carl choose with the both of you what name might be fitting for your new tiny family member

• Waking up to Rick talking to the baby about everything possible as well as about how much he already loves them, only for you to not be able to stop smiling

• Having the support of not only your little family but also the one of the whole group, especially Daryl who searches on his runs for everything a newborn needs since he knows about your pregnancy

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