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A Richonne Ranking: 40 Moments
[14] Seeing Things – Clear, 3×12

You might think this episode’s title refers to Morgan’s graffiti and, sure, that’s one theory, but I think it’s really because it’s pretty fucking CLEAR that Richonne belong together – even from these humble beginnings. Here we see that Michonne is really the first one to truly empathize with the grief Rick is experiencing and the particularly way it has manifested, reassuring him that, “I used to talk to my dead boyfriend. It happens.“ Like yeaaah, don’t even worry about it, pal.

She isn’t there to question his leadership or undermine it; she respects him, perhaps more than anyone. And, in turn, she earns his respect and trust. Rick also seems increasingly charmed by her warmer side as she opens up a little, and with Carl’s approval locked down, you kinda know he’s a goner. Rick passes Michonne the car key – acceptance at last – and their journey begins.

  • Andy: [Season 3,] Episode 12 is my favorite episode since the pilot. […] That episode with Rick and Michonne, and also the relationship with Carl, I thought you learn so much and there was so much breathing space in that episode. It was really compelling. Certainly, it was one of the first times that Rick had attempted to crack a joke in three years. Everyone was on set going, “What’s Rick doing? He’s trying to make a joke? Is he flirting?” That is being mined much more. There is a deep connection between these two people. You know, these are people who find it very, very difficult to trust other people. And they’re loners, I think, fundamentally. Rick is a loner. That’s why he identifies with Daryl so much. I think that they recognize each other and respect each other, in the same way that Daryl Dixon and Rick do. Never say never [to a Rick and Michonne romance]. There’s always potential.
  • Robert Kirkman: The first encounter was great, actually it came about in the episode Clear, the way that Danai played Michonne and the way that Andrew Lincoln played Rick, the warmth that was between them, and the interaction between Danai Gurira and Chandler Riggs; they just started this family. To give Scott Gimple credit, he was not showrunner at the time but for some reason he had gotten into his head, like, “Oh, Michonne and Rick are great, they work really well together.” But I think these couple of scenes, you see some connection between the two of them. They worked so well together and I think there is a tremendous chemistry between Danai and Andrew Lincoln that I think makes their relationship so believable.