Daryl Imagine ~ Tease

prompt 73: “Oh, are you ticklish?”
prompt 187: “Already? Do I really have that much of an effect on you?”


The sun had already set as Daryl climbed into the bed and laid down next to you.
With a small grumble he shifted, trying to get comfortable as you moved over to huddle up to him.
With a sigh you laid your head on his chest, as you slung an arm around his torso and felt him pulling you a little closer.
“Everything alright at the wall?”, you mumbled into the fabric of his shirt.
“Yeah, just the usual dead assholes”, he mumbled before you cuddled closer and let your hand stroke softly over his side.
Within a second Daryl’s chest beneath you rumbled as a giggle like laugh escaped his mouth.
With a big grin you bit your lip and let your hand stroke up again, before you heard another giggle and felt him squirming.
“Oh, are you ticklish?”, you laughed as you raised your head and looked grinning at him.
“Nah, I‘m not“, he mumbled trying desperately to hold another laugh in.
“Yeah, right“, you chuckled, climbing on top of him before you straddled his lap and ran your fingers over his side once again.
Another giggle escaped Daryl’s lips as a bigger grin grew on yours.
“(Y/N), please…stop “, he mumbled between the giggles as you continued letting your fingers run up and down his side.
“Nope“, you laughed as you rolled your hips against his and bowed over to him to begin to place some kisses on his neck.
“You want me to stop that too?“, you mumbled against his skin as your fingers kept him squirming .
“Nah…just-“, he began but cut himself off by laughing as you placed another kiss on his neck and travelled with your fingers along his skin.
With a smirk you rolled your hips against his once again before you heard him gasping and felt his growing erection pressing against your core.
“Already? Do I really have that much of an effect on you?”, you smirked against his neck as you felt him growing out of breath.
As an answer you got a grumble before you saw him reaching out for you hips.
With a grin you let go of his side and grabbed his hands to guide them back to the sheets.
“That’s unfai-…(Y/N)”, he complained with a gasp that only motivated you to go on.
“Don’t raise them or I’ll stop and go right back to your sides”, you mumbled smirking as heard him grunt in protest but he still let his hands stay on the sheets.
With a triumphal chuckle you got back to making him grow out of breath while you could feel the tension and heat in both of your bodies growing until it was almost unbearable.
“Stop teasing…”, he grumbled deeply as your big grin grew even bigger and you slowly shook your head.
“No, I’m in charge”, you purred before you felt how his hands quickly grabbed your hips and spun you beneath him before you gasped as felt him pressing against you and eventually heard his raspy voice.
“Not anymore.”

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