TWD – Negan Imagine ~ “Mercy”

An imagine about the premiere of season 8

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(Side note: You don’t have to read any previous parts to understand the plot! I hope you all like it and enjoy reading)

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The faint moonlight shone through the big windows in Negan’s room as you turned yourself once again in his bed.
Things hadn’t been easy lately, to be honest, they were pretty fucked up since this one night.
And since this one night, you were at the Sanctuary with Negan, away from Rick and the others, especially your brother Daryl.
If everything wasn’t messed up enough already, you could add something else to the list: This weird thing between Negan and you that grew and formed into something more from day to day, regardless of how much you had tried to deny it.

You rolled over once again as your glance caught Negan who laid sleeping on his big leather couch, that was his bed since the war in Alexandria had begun where you hadn’t just saved him from walker Sasha, where he had also almost killed Carl and where you had killed a good bunch of his men in Alexandria after the battle had begun.
You had been mad at him, even after you had found out how much he actually cared about you, even though your anger about him hadn’t stayed the way it should’ve.
And that shimmered even more through.
Even though you had asked to sleep on the couch to recollect yourself a little you ended up in the bed and even worse, you ended up missing him there with you.
Of course, this thing wasn’t just messing with you, it was clearly messing with him as well.
There were rules.
Killing his men had definitely been against the rules, but he couldn’t get himself to punish you.
The only thing he did was making it seem to his people like you had gotten your proper punishment even though the thought of harming a hair on your head wouldn’t ever cross his mind.

Your thoughts had only given you two more hours of sleep until you woke up again, but this time you didn’t find Negan sleeping, instead he was sitting on the couch, tensed and slightly growling while he had his elbows propped on his knees and stared at the ground.
Before you could even think about doing or not doing something his glance shot up to you.
You gulped hardly down as you looked at him and saw how he sighed once again before you slowly sat up.
“Are you okay?”, you quietly asked, some concern mixing into your voice.
Sure, you could bite your tongue for asking, he clearly wasn’t okay but your sleepy self really didn’t know what to say.
“Yeah, I just-“, he began but cut himself off as he stroke tensed with his hand over his face before pinching the bridge of his nose for a short moment.
“Why didn’t you ever fucking try to kill me in my sleep and nope, not talking ‘bout now. I’m talking about those nights we had at the fucking beginning”, he suddenly asked with a tension in his voice as he looked at you.
“I think you know that”, you quietly said while you leaned back against the backrest.
“I wanna hear it fucking anyway. So just tell me”, he urged before you sighed and began to raise your voice.
“Well…That would’ve been the same thing like Carl and Rosita did..and one person shit always goes wrong…what happened was unlucky to them and…and it made them weaker…but If they had been “lucky” they would’ve killed you but that wouldn’t have just made their problem vanish…Your men would’ve killed them and everybody at home as well. There’d be nothing left. Same thing would’ve happened if I’d done it…So no that was no option…”, you said before you quickly raised your voice again.
“It’s not…I’m not making an accusation towards Rosita or Carl or even Sasha, I understand them… I just think they had the wrong ways”, you muttered, seeing how Negan’s jaw began to tense.
“So you fucking thought about it?”, he asked almost offended, switching for a short moment out of the tension build trance he had been swaying in for the last minutes.
“Negan, you had just killed two of my damn friends, would’ve been a little weird if I didn’t have thoughts about revenge”, you said as he huffed but slightly nodded before he stayed silent for a few moments.

“And what would you’ve fucking done when I’d let you stay there?”, he asked as he looked at you before you gave him a questioning glance, still wondering what he wanted to achieve with this.
“Just tell me”, he urged tensed before you sighed, pondered for a short moment and eventually gave yourself a push.
“I think…I would’ve started to scavenge for weapons and other communities immediately but careful while making sure that none of you all see it…I’d just… I‘d make sure that you think that we’re holding onto that deal while we’re actually doing the opposite…and then when the time was right and we got everything…numbers, weapons and so on to actually fight and be able to win, I would’ve done it…Yeah, probably similar to what they did, in the end, …but the thing is I can tell you for sure is that I wouldn’t have giving up..I would have just done it while trying my best to keep a clear head and not let my hate take too much over and make everything worse”, you mumbled while you could see Negan nod again, while he stared at the fluffy carpet.
You pondered for a bit, asking yourself if you were doing the right thing before you gave yourself another push. 
“You should sleep in the bed again”, you quietly said before Negan looked up to you and gulped hardly down.
“I won’t make you sleep on this damn couch”, he said seriously as he nodded to the leather couch he was still sitting on before you quietly sighed.
You had offered him more than once to sleep instead of him there, but this time was different.
“I meant with me”, you said reluctantly as the curiosity in his eyes began to rise.
“You fucking sure?”, he asked while the curiosity was still stuck in his glance
“Yes”, you said before you saw Negan nodding and saw how he slowly stood with a small groan up.
”Last chance, once I’m in there with you, you won’t get me out again”, he said, now with a small grin.
”I know”, you said as a small grin painted on your lips as well before Negan slipped quickly beneath the sheets.
His warmth spread just as quickly through the bed while you liked to feel it way more than you wanted to.
He wasn’t just the oddly funny, teasing and charming even loving man he mostly was when he was around you, he was also the man who was just at the beginning of a war with the people you called your family.
And that was the biggest reason why you held yourself back from letting yourself inch closer to him before you finally dozed off.

The sun stood almost at its highest point on the next day as a knock on the door seemed to get a small change in your daily routine of switching between the bed and the couch till Negan would come over with lunch.
“Still sleeping?”, you heard Simon’s voice call through the door before you got up from the leather couch and opened the door.
There he was, your bodyguard.
Since it should look like you got your punishment, you spent your day for over a week now mostly alone in Negan’s room except the times you both were having breakfast, lunch or dinner together and every time you were going outside you had Simon right next to you who accompanied you everywhere you went as soon as you made a step out of Negan’s room.
Actually, you felt almost like a damn prisoner but probably, that was exactly what Negan wanted you to look like to anybody else at the Sanctuary, at least for now.
Whenever he then saw you in the hallways he pretended to ignore you and treat you in front of the others as if you weren’t there but there was no doubt that he was watching with eagle eyes over you and making sure that no one could just look at you the wrong way.

“Negan wants me to get you to meet him”, Simon said as he leaned against the doorframe.
You just nodded as you could see in his face that he could definitely think of better things than playing your bodyguard, but so could you.

Just moments later you made your way with him through the hallways of the Sanctuary, walked stairs up and down while you asked yourself where he was taking you.
“You can already go up, just wait at the door on the next floor. I’ll be with you in a minute”, he said with a nod to the heavy metal before you walked through the door and could see through the small window how Simon vanished as soon as you were inside.
With a small huff, you began to walk the stairs up that wrapped itself around several corners before you could see a figure just a few steps above you that made you gulp down.
One of Negan’s wives, Amber to be more exact.
You weren’t too keen on them, rather the opposite and you were pretty sure that this was mutual.
You weren’t sure if you should greet her or not, but as she just kept sternly staring to the ground as you walked by you just decided to keep silent, just do your thing and go up to the door.
„You actually like him, don’t you?”, you suddenly heard her voice ask before you stopped and turned around to her, not sure what to say but especially really not in the mood to discuss that with her of all people.

Her empty glance went up, but not to you, it just went straight to the wall.
“This guy from your community he told us-them…he told them that we’re disposable to Negan”, she said, still not looking at you while you tried to figure out what she wanted to achieve with all this.
“He also said that you’re not…I think he’s right”, she said, gulping down hardly while every single muscle in her face and body seemed to tense.
“Why-…Why are you telling me all this?”, you quietly and confused asked as you looked down to her.
Her brows pulled tight, forming her face into an anger-filled expression as she first looked up to you.
“Cause if Negan gets rid of us because of you…we…I got some real problems”, she growled trembling as she glared at you while the undertone in her voice was tensed.
Still confused you looked at her before you heard Simon’s loud voice calling through the hall.
“Ladies, who the hell told you to have a little chat? Whatever, just stop”, you heard his voice call before it rose again.
“(Y/N), up to the door, Amber, just go back to wherever you came from”, he called before you let out a small huff, looked at Amber who stared back to the wall before you made your way up.

“What did wifey ask you?”, Simon asked as soon as he closed the door behind him.
“Couldn’t form a real question before you called”, you lied while Simon raised his brows questioning.
“Alright”, he said while his eyes focused on you before he began to walk and made a finger movement for you to come with him.

Minutes later he stopped in front of a door, knocked and opened it as you already saw how Negan stood up from the couch he had been sitting on.
”Come in Sweetheart”, he said, coming closer as you stepped into a rather big room, filled with all kind of things people could spend their free time with.
A table tennis table with paddles and some balls in one corner, another table that was covered in everything that was needed for a proper poker night stood in another one and a whole lot of other stuff.
“Guessed you could use a little fucking variation”, Negan said as he came even closer towards you.
“Yeah, definitely”, you said as you looked at to him and heard how Simon closed the door again.
“I’m sorry for that shit, Won’t have to keep it that way for a bit more than one, two days”, he said with a slight smile before he nodded over to the table.
„Wanna eat something? I have some goddamn fucking munchies“, he said with a small chuckle as he pointed over to the couch.
You gave him a nod before you felt how his hand placed on your lower back as you walked over to the small table.
“Got some guy who made us some shit”, Negan said as he pointed at the big pizza that laid on the table while the delicious smell began already travel up your nose.
“I do fucking know that it’s not as damn awesome as my spaghetti but I mean, it’s fucking pizza”, he chuckled teasingly with a wink before he let himself fall on the couch.

“Your people use this room too?”, you asked as you took another piece of pizza into your hand that was just as delicious as it smelled.
“Yeah, from time to time. I mean they gotta earn the fine shit that’s in here”, he said before he took another bite.
“You’re here, so well, con-fucking-gratulations”, he chuckled as he leaned deeper into the soft fabric of the couch.
“What did I do to earn it?”, you asked chuckling as you looked over to him.
“Let me sleep with you in the fucking bed”, he chuckled teasingly.
“Just kidding”, he muttered with a grin as his hand that had rested till now on the armrest moved to your shoulder to quickly caress it.
“I still got some damn time left, if you want we could take advantage of this nice ass room”, Negan said, grinning even wider as he seemed to see that you assumed that something dirty was on his mind before he nodded laughing to the table tennis table.
“I mean, I got a whole lot other things that’d come to my mind…there for fucking sure are also other balls you could play with”, he said in a low tone as he grinned widely at you and his tongue slid quickly over his lower lip.
“Yeah, I take the table tennis balls”, you said as you looked with a big grin at him.
“Ouch”, Negan chuckled, placing his hand dramatically over his heart before he got up.

“Already done it?”, he asked a bit later as he walked over to the equipment.
“I mean yeah, but that was a really long time ago”, you said as you looked at the table tennis table.
“No fucking problem, I’ll teach you”, he said with a big grin as he winked at you.
“I bet I could teach you a whole fucking lot more on this thing here”, he purred with a chuckle as you shoved his shoulder and heard him chuckling louder.
“Alright, Alright”, he said laughing, raising his hands yielding before he grabbed one of the paddles that laid on the table.

Within a moment he stood behind you, his arm slung from behind around your waist as he pulled you a little closer and you couldn’t deny that your heart began to beat a little faster.
With a small chuckle, you looked down to his arm before you heard his voice.
“That’s really fucking necessary to show you the best technique”, he chuckled, even slightly purred as his tongue slid quickly over his lower lip.
“Sure”, you said with an ironic undertone as his throaty chuckle let his chest rumble against your back.
“Well anyway, let’s get to fucking business”, he said, his lips close to your ear, as he reached over to the paddle.
“So first, you gotta turn it a bit”, he muttered as he took your hand into his, pushed your fingers into the right position before turning your hand slightly.
“Trust me, Sweetheart, I really fucking know what I’m doing here,”, he chuckled as he slowly let go of your hand.
“You do?”, you teasingly asked as you rose your brows and heard how Negan let out a small and quiet sigh.
“Did that crap for a fucking living”, he said as you turned around to him and saw his face way closer to yours than you had expected as you looked directly into his eyes and felt some weird feeling creating in your stomach.
“Was a fucking gym coach before the shit hit the fan”, he said, now in a more relieved tone while another piece added to the puzzle Negan’s past still was to you.
“Yeah, that fits”, you mumbled as you looked with a small grin at him and saw him curiously raising his brows.
“Now what does that fucking mean?”, he asked, raising his finger to wiggle it at your grin.
“Oh you know”, you laughed while Negan raised his brows.
“I don’t think so”, he teased as he bit his lip while you rolled your eyes laughing at him.
“That commanding tone you can have? I can really imagine how you propel some kids over a sports field”, you laughed while actually, also the soft spot he seems to have for Carl and Judith began to make even more sense to you.
„Mhmm yeah, but you gotta know, I was the best fucking coach of them all“, he chuckled while he still held you as tightly against him as before.
“Of course”, you chuckled seeing how Negan looked with a big grin at you.
“I’ll show you.”

“Fuck”, you cursed as you picked the ball up that had landed for the felt hundredth time on your side and heard Negan chuckle.
“Already frustrated?”, he asked with a big grin on his lips as you got the paddle back up to start another try.
“Nope”, you said, even though you were indeed frustrated, but neither would you ever admit that to him, nor would you give up.
“If you continue that way you’re gonna rip your wound back open”, you said as you nodded over to his chest, where beneath the white shirt he was wearing a bandage wrapped itself around the point where he had cut himself on his last trip outside with you.
“Yeah, just try to distract me”, he said grinning as he winked at you and you let the ball bounce over to him.
“Won‘t fucking work“, he added as he shot the ball back over to you before you reached out to do the same and began to grin as you saw Negan slightly struggling.
”Really?“, you asked teasingly as you saw how he bit his lip.
”Really“, he chuckled as he let his hand twitch to get the ball back over to you.
With a harder hit, you let the ball bounce on the edge of the table of his side as you could already hear Negan groan.
“Holy Fuck”, Negan gasped as he tried to reach out but missed the ball by far.
“That was clearly fucking luck”, he chuckled, obviously trying to provocate you as he raised his brows curiously and waited for your response. 
“It wasn’t, asshole”, you laughed as you saw him chuckle while he picked the ball up and got back to the table.
“Well, show me Sweetheart”, he said in a low tone as he bit his lip before suddenly a choir of timed gunshots let you flinch up.
“Think we got some fucking visitors”, Negan growled as he his glance wandered to the window before he quickly walked over to you.
“I’m coming with you?”, you asked with a questioning glance in your eyes.
“If shit goes down, I don’t fucking want you to wander around here alone”, he muttered while you could feel how you began to tense up.
You had known that it wasn’t a question if an attack from one of the sides would happen but when, but anyway this made you feel sick.
“Looks like Simon’s losing his job as fucking bodyguard earlier than I thought”, he said as he already lead you with him outside.

Just bit later you walked down the stairs while your stomach felt like it was about to turn.
Once again you had to realize that all the moments you had with Negan, regardless of how much you began to somehow enjoy them, had a bittersweet aftertaste.
Again, he wasn’t just the guy who was flirting with you while you were eating some pizza together, he was also still the guy who had killed two of your friends and the guy who was about to step out of this building and continue the war he had with the people you called family.
And the more you were thinking again about this, the worse you felt about the bond you had with Negan that grew stronger and stronger with time.

You felt even more as if you were about to throw up as you reached the door, where already Dwight and two of Negan’s lieutenants stood.
One of them was Gavin, a man who was kinda grumpy but for a Savior pretty merciful and the other one was a woman, whose name you didn’t know and whose face you had only seen a few times before around the Sanctuary.
“So it’s happening now?”, you suddenly heard an oddly familiar voice ask that definitely didn’t belong into the Sanctuary.
And your glance caught this person with Simon just seconds after you had heard his voice.
You couldn’t stop your glance from turning into bewildered as you could tell that the same thing happened to him as his eyes darted at you.
“There comes my new fucking ally”, Negan chuckled as he raised his arm into Gregory’s direction while you could feel how the hate you had for him just grew.
You hadn’t made this deal with him months ago, while Maggie had done that you had already talked to the people in Hilltop to find out more about Negan and to mild the doubts you and all the others somehow had about this mission but you had been with Maggie as you both had talked to him for the first time in his office.
After that, you had already known that was an asshole but he was also something else, probably worse.
A goddamn coward.
And if you were honest with yourself, you weren’t too surprised that he was turning on Rick and the others.
“Gregory, are you actually that fucking nervous? Or why the fuck are you looking as if something just crawled up your damn ass”, Negan chuckled while Gregory ripped his glance away from you and instead just looked to Negan.
“Yes I-I mean, no-no”, he blurted out while Negan chuckled with an even wider grin.
“Anyway, as long as you’re fucking sure about our little deal, I don’t give a single fuck”, Negan said while Gregory nodded eagerly.
“I am”, he assured while he propped his hands on the waistband of his pants and nodded again.
“Great! Well, Gregory, you’re gonna stay here until Simon over here, gets you out and you tell them all the dirty little details of our deal we agreed on before”, Negan said before he turned to the door and took the handle into his leather covered hand.
“It’s fucking showtime!”

“Well, shit. I’m sorry. I was just having a nice ass lunch date”, Negan said as he stepped widely grinning outside while your eyes tried to get used to the bright sunlight.
As they did your glance caught a big bunch of cars parked right in front of you, all of them shielded with welded metal plates while you could see here and there people with raised guns waiting behind them, one of them Rick.
“I see you got your little mudflaps with you. So I’m not exactly feeling a reason for us to try throwing lead at each other”, Negan continued as you could see some more familiar faces between the small spaces the metal plates left.
“I care about my people. I don’t want to just march them into the line of fire because I want to play “my dick is bigger than yours”… It is. We both know it”, Negan chuckled before he raised his voice again.
“But I’m also comfortable enough to accept the fact if it wasn’t. I’m certainly not gonna let my people die over that shit like you’re about to”, he said as he pointed Lucille at Rick.
“So, Rick, what the hell can I do for you?”, he asked, grinning way too much for a man who was confronted with an army of armed people who all wanted his death.
“First. Nothing’s gonna happen to (Y/N). She’s gonna be more than fine”, Rick said as you got a small glimpse of him between the metal of the cars.
You kept looking into Rick’s direction as you could see from the corner of your eyes how Negan tensed as he heard Rick‘s voice again.
“Remember how she killed your men? One after one? She’s still with us”, you heard Rick call out while Negan’s jaw clenched even tighter.
“She’s always gonna be with us, one of us”, he added while a small smile pressed into the corners of your lips but the exact opposite happened on Negan’s.
“Dwight. Your name’s Simon. You’re Gavin. And you-”, Rick began, stopping as he came to the woman.
“Regina”, she called out before you heard Eugene’s voice.
“ Rick, I’d feel remiss if-” he began but got quickly cut off by Rick.
“No. I know who you are”, he growled.
“Listen, you five. The Saviors inside. All of you have a chance to survive here. To survive this. You all can live if you surrender. Can’t guarantee it anytime but now. Right now”, you heard Rick’s voice sound through the metal while Negan still stood grinning at the railing,
“So they surrender and you and your little piss patrol doesn’t kill them. That sounds like a good deal! What about me, Rick?”, Negan asked, raising his brows curiously:
“I told you. Twice. You know what’s going to happen”, Rick growled loudly.
“I do. I do know what’s gonna happen”, Negan said as he stepped away from the railing.
“You don’t”, he called out as he pointed into Rick’s direction and you could feel the tension in your body that was already almost unbearable grow even more.
“You have no idea the shit that’s about to go down. Let me ask you something, Rick…Do you think you have the numbers for this fight?…You don’t”, Negan said with a stern tone in his voice before you saw how he turned to his side.
“Simon?”, he asked before Simon got inside and came only a moment later with Gregory out.
“What do you have to say to the Rick and the piss patrol, Gregory?”, Negan asked as he laid an arm around Gregory’s shoulder. 
“The Hilltop stands with Negan and the Saviors. Any resident of the Hilltop who takes up arms or who supports this ultimatum against the Sanctuary or any of the Saviors, for that matter – they will no longer be welcome in the colony”, he called out while you couldn’t do else than let out a small but disgusted huff.
“And?”, Negan asked as he looked at Gregory.
“Their families will be thrown out and will be left to fend for themselves”, he added, while you couldn’t believe what this coward was doing right there.
“And?”, Negan asked again as he now patted but let go of Gregory’s shoulder.
“Go home now. Or you won’t have a home to go back to”
“You heard the man. Go back to separating wheat and shit or whatever the hell it is you people do.
Doesn’t look like anyone’s goin’, does it?”, you heard Maggie’s voice call from behind a metal plate
“Hilltop stands with-”, Gregory began before he got harshly cut off.
“The Hilltop stands with Maggie!”, Jesus’ voice called out while you couldn’t you couldn’t stop a small grin from pressing into the corners of your lips.
He who laughs last, laughs loudest, right Gregory?

Within a second you saw how Simon’s glance turned anger filled before he stumped over to Gregory.
“I feel like I invested a lot in you, and I am very, very disappointed”, he called out as he pushed repeatedly his chest, Gregory’s glance filled with terror before he got ultimately pushed down the stairs.
“Sounds like shit is goin’ down, Rick”, Negan said as he stepped closer to the railing.
“You lieutenants, you’re gonna have to make up your minds”, Rick called out while you watched Negan closely, who began to tense up.
“Maybe we can take a time-out here -”, Gavin began before Rick immediately cut him off.
“- No. This has to happen now. This is the only way”, Rick called out while the grin had now completely vanished from Negan’s face.
“You’re gonna make me count?”, Rick asked provocative while you let out a stressed breath-
“Okay. Okay. I’m counting…10! 9! 8! 7″, Rick’s voice sounded through the air before it got replaced by a relentless gun rattling that let your pulse shoot up.

Before you could do anything, you felt how one of Negan’s lieutenants who stormed past you pushed you against the railing and let you lose balance.
In between the gunshots, you could hear Negan’s voice calling out to you as your breath stopped for a moment as your back hit the hard ground.
The rattling of the guns continued as you rolled groaning on your side, pushing yourself against the dead walker that laid next to you to use it as a shield.
No one would shoot directly at you, of course not, but the uncontrolled shooting of the guns let you doubt that no bullet would accidentally make its way into your direction.
Still gasping you looked up, searching for Negan as you found him laying on the ground, his eyes darted widened at you before you could barely hear him calling your name again.
Within a second your eyes were the ones who widened as you saw Negan’s face tensing in pain, his leg twitching dangerously as he groaned while gasping for air.
Panic shot through your body as you saw the way he squirmed, your mind already figuring out a way to get over to him before you heard the sound of an engine coming closer.
Over the walker’s body, you could only catch a glimpse of the RV that rolled towards you and didn’t seem to stop anytime soon.
Before you could think of something else you jumped up and ran until a load boom let you flinch up right as the blast of the explosion urged you forcefully to the ground.
The pounding of your head got stronger as you found yourself on the ground once again, your body hurting as your eyes tried to find Negan but instead captured the metal that had clothed the RV that was now nothing else than a burning carcass.
Trembling and quietly groaning you crawled over to it, pressed yourself against the metal as you tried to catch a breath.
Your heart kept pounding relentlessly against your chest, your breath made your ribcage move uncomfortably and harshly up and down as your eyes first caught Negan.
Limping, groaning and with Lucille tightly in his hand he shoved himself along the wall before your call made him look up to you.
His glance changed as he saw you before made one more jump to land next to you.
Before he could do anything else gunshots that hit the metal let you flinch up and you didn’t need to think a lot to figure out who wanted to kill Negan so badly.
As soon as the first bullet hit the metal Negan’s eyes widened in shock, his arms reached panicking out to grab you, drag you away from the opening in the metal that was horribly close to your body before he pulled you into his lap as more and more bullets hit the metal.
He pressed you tightly against his chest as his large hand cupped the side of your face to push it against his neck and keep you deeply in his embrace.
“He doesn’t know I’m here with you, He’ll stop when he sees me”, you called out in between the gunshots, in hope Negan would hear you.
He did.
He did hear you but his scoffs in protest and his arms that wrapped tighter around you told you that the both of you had pretty different plans.
He stayed like that, holding you the way that you were completely enclosed by his arms and body, forming him into a living shield while your face was pressed that close against his neck that you could bet to be able to feel the harsh and unbelievable fast way his pulse pounded.

After the rattle of the gun had stopped for a bit to be sure that it was wouldn’t start again, the tight hold Negan had on you slowly loosened before he eventually made you look at him.
“Fuck, are you alright?”, he asked, still out of breath while his eyes wandered over your body even though you nodded over and over again.
“Why didn’t you let me try to stop him?”, you asked as you looked bewildered at him, your glance wandering from his twitching leg to his face.
“And risk that you take a fucking bullet before you get to say a damn word?”, he asked in with a growling undertone back before you let out a sigh and heard fast footsteps coming closer.
”Sir?”, you heard a male voice ask whose owner eventually stopped right next to you and already stretched his hand out to Negan to help him up.
”Nope, nope you make sure she gets fucking safe inside. I still gotta take care of some shit”, Negan said before your glance shot over to him.
“Negan you can’t do that, you have to get to your damn doc”, you said as you stared bewildered at him.
“I’ll be fine, I’ll be damn fucking fine”, he said as you already felt how the man began to pull you up.
With a quick and harsh movement, you wriggled yourself out of his grab and just stared from Negan’s leg to his face.
“Negan-”, you urged sternly but got cut off.
“As I fucking said, I’ll be fine. We all got shit to do, and your shit is to get fucking safe inside”, he said in an just as urging tone before you scoffed while you got on your feet and had to realize that you wouldn’t win this discussion.
You looked hardly swallowing at him before you let the man guide you away from Negan, hoping deeply that he knew what he was doing.

You kept walking reluctantly before you began to hear way too familiar groans and your eyes shot back to the place where Negan had laid just seconds ago.
He was already gone.
You felt how the panic in you grew before your eyes suddenly widened as your glance captured another face that shouldn’t even be here anymore.

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