Negan being jealous would include:


• Him being on his way to visit you on your shift as he notices this one person who’s coming way too close to you and is obviously trying to hit heavily on you.
Even though he sees that you don’t respond to their tries, him immediately feeling the jealousy growing in him

• Him walking over to the both of you right before wrapping his arm around your waist and pulling you tightly against him and asking the person in a stern tone and with a glare in his eyes why don’t they go back to the work they’re supposed to do

• As soon as the person’s stepping away, him pulling you into a deep and smoldering kiss, all while making sure that the one can still see the both of you from the corner of their eyes

• Him still being that obviously tensed as you come back to your shared room that you already know the reason for his behavior but before you can say or do anything to calm him down and assure him that there’s no reason for any jealousy, you find yourself pinned against the wall

• Him being even rougher and harder than usual with you, truly ensuring that you know who you belong to before making sure that you got nothing and no one else than him on your mind

• Him leaving marks and hickeys all over your body, especially at places where you can’t hide them and where he knows that it’s gonna remind the person whenever they just glance at you that you’re his and only his

• Him even taking it as far as leaving the door open to make sure that anyone just barely near your room and especially this one person can hear you screaming his name as he’s pounding into you

• You having to stop him from going further, calming him down and reassuring him that this person is in no way a danger to your relationship even though you both know that it won’t stop him from keeping an eye on them

• Either way, him making sure that this person has other shifts than you as well as on the other side of the Sanctuary to make sure that they can’t even try to hit on you again

• Outside of your room, him showing even more obvious that there’s no one coming between the two of you by keeping an arm around your waist whenever you’re together or by pulling you into his lap whenever he’s taking a break 

• Him letting this person do the most dangerous and hardest work as well as making them go on long runs, while secretly hoping that a walker gets them and only not punishing them himself because he knows that it would backlash and probably let you turn mad at him

• Besides all that, him having those moments where the fear he’s trying, by all means, to suppress that you might see something better in them overwhelms him, only for his softer sides to show again as he’s trying his best to show you how much you mean to him as well as that he can’t and won’t lose you to anyone  

• As he sees this person way too close to you again and totally ignoring his warnings him paying them a visit with Lucille, threatening them that when he ever sees them trying to take you away from him or even touch you just in the slightest way again, he won’t hesitate to let Lucille teach them a lesson they won’t survive

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