Having a child with Negan would include:


• Whenever he feels like it’s too cold for them, him taking his scarf off to wrap it around their neck instead, commenting with a chuckle all along how badass they look before wrapping his leather jacket around them to be completely sure that they’re warm

• Him being a protective Dad and always making sure that they’re safe as well as feeling the anger boiling up in him whenever he hears that someone dared to mock or hurt them in any way before making sure that this person won’t ever do that again

• Him loving it to come back from a long day of work and seeing how you both lay cuddled closely against each other and peacefully sleeping in bed, only for him to quickly take his jacket and boots off to lay down next to you and take you both into his arms

• Him loving to playfully scuffle with your kid, all while laughing until he calls loudly out and acts as if they have completely defeated him, just to glance up to you and purposely tell you in an exhausting tone but with a small wink how he had just no chance against them

• When he’s coming back from a long day, him loving to hear the sound of their voice calling for him and the soft but quick footsteps that become louder before he can see their happy face and can finally pick them up and hug them tightly

• Him and your kid playing pranks on you and just laughing until their stomachs hurt as they see your surprised face before he comes over with them to hug you tightly all while knowing that you’re gonna to pay it back to him

• Him going from the stern and serious big bad wolf he is with his men to being the most loving Dad as soon as he sees your child stumbling on their little legs towards him, already smiling widely while holding their stuffed animal or even a picture they have drawn for him in their small hands

• Him walking around the Sanctuary with them on his shoulders, in his arms or by his hand all while almost not being able to keep a serious face due to being that proud and happy to have his child right with him

• Him reading bedtime stories to them, only to find them boring with time and just changing them to some funnier stories and beginning to make it a personal challenge for himself to make them laugh with his tales until he and you realize that he won’t ever be able to make them sleep if he continues that way

• As your kid is old enough, him getting a little, smaller baseball bat for them and wrapping barbed wire around it to make it look just like Lucille before teaching them how to use it properly and protect themselves from the dead

• Him having some moments of fear that someone might try to take you both away from him or even use you to take revenge on him, knowing too well that he has enough enemies only to make extra sure that you’re both safe

• Instead of stopping them, him laughing loudly and acting all like the proud dad he is when he hears your kid cursing for the first time, knowing that with his vocabulary it was just a matter of time until your child would adopt it 

• Him letting his men search for things for them or doing it himself when he’s out for a run, before being just as excited as your child when he gives them a new toy or stuffed animal

• Him loving to point resemblances between him, you and your child out, doesn’t matter if it’s about the way they look, talk or even move and just having to chuckle especially loud whenever he sees how they lean or gesture just the way he does

• Even though he wants them to grow up as safe and protected as possible, him making sure that they grow up to be a fighter just like you and him, who knows that it takes a lot of work and determination to make it in this kind of world

• Him being, especially because of his past, paranoid when it comes to your child being sick or even just having a small cold and immediately letting his doctor check them to know that they are going to be okay, as well as to urge the fear and the horrifying memories out of his mind

• Him just enjoying to teach and show your child new things, while loving to see how excited they are and how admiring the glance in their eyes is as he shows them how to do it

•  As soon as he lets your kid try it then, him just having to chuckle about their clumsy tries before encouraging them to try again until it works while he feels extremely proud to know that he was the one who helped them

• Him especially loving to do that with the sports he was so passionate about as a kid and as well as coach later and trying to make it more fun for them as he’s acting as if he’s commenting in a very Negan way from a sporting event while they’re playing table tennis or any other sport with him

• Him feeling unbelievably proud and happy as he hears them first mumbling to him that he’s their hero, only for him to hug them tightly as he even feels how he gets emotional as he realizes again how much they love him

• Him making sure that he has more than enough time for you both and just giving tasks to Simon to be able to spend some more hours with you, all while showing you both that you really are the most important people in his life

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