Being Rick’s daughter and secretly dating Dary…


• The both of you knowing that earlier or later, you’re gonna have to drop the bombshell and reveal to your Dad what’s actually happening between you two, even though you can just imagine the awkwardness and the problems that might occur as soon as he finds out

• Only sleeping in the shirts you snitched from Daryl when you’re alone at home, even though the way they feel on your skin and the way his scent encloses you whenever you’re wearing them allures you to leave them on for as long as possible, leading to more than just one risky situation

• Daryl having an especially bad conscience, feeling like he’s betraying Rick and the trust he has in him as his best friend but just loving and caring way too deeply about you to give your relationship 

•  You sneaking in the middle of the night over to Daryl and slipping to him beneath the sheets to just feel him with you and cuddle against him and even though Daryl’s always reluctant at first, worrying that you both fall asleep and wake up to someone finding you together, him just not being able to tell you to go back to your bed as soon as he feels you 

• Whenever you take things further in these nights, you trying all to make Daryl relax while promising that you’ll stay quiet, only to rather involuntary break your promise and end up telling your Dad that you stumped your foot while going down the stairs in the dark to get some water

• Always trying to lead your father to let you go on runs with Daryl, of course preferably alone, all while telling him that you’re, through knowing each other for that long, just an extremely well-attuned team

• Using all the time you have on runs where you are finally alone and can kiss and touch each other without having to worry that someone sees you, all while you just try to suppress that you’ll have to act just like friends again as soon as you arrive back at Alexandria

• Having to be careful around your bother as well and just trying your best to remember how you acted around each other before you started dating , even though it’s ´turning especially hard for you whenever you see how Carl hands Judith over to Daryl and you just can’t hold yourself back from smiling widely 

• Small and cautious touches whenever you’re around others, especially when you’re both in the house and clean the dishes together or simply sit next to each other on the couch, all while you both can feel how the tension grows with every light touch

• Especially taking advantage of whenever you ride with him on the back of his motorcycle, knowing that you can press yourself as close as you can against Daryl and wrap your arms around him as tightly as you want while knowing that anybody else is just going to think that you make sure to stay on the bike

• Stealing quick kisses from him whenever you take over his shift in the tower and you just can’t resist to feel him for a short moment, all while knowing in the back of your head that it just takes a wrong move or timing to blow your cover but trying your best to suppress the thought of it until this thought becomes the reality

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