Calling for Simon in your sleep would include:

• Him slowly waking up from hearing your voice calling for him, all while his sleep drowned mind tries to figure out what happened as he’s already asking you drowsily grumbling what’s wrong

• As he’s still not fully awake and his eyes are still closed, him hearing your voice again before he grows concerned, asking himself why you’re not answering and just calling out for him, as the thought slips into his mind that you might be hurt

• His eyes snapping open before he confusedly finds you still peacefully sleeping and closely pressed against him, all while he begins to ask himself if his mind is playing tricks on him and he just dreamed everything, right before he hears and now also sees you mumbling his name again

• Him beginning to quietly laugh, half relieved that you’re actually okay and he hasn’t gone crazy, half amused about the way you mumble his name over and over again

• Him stroking some hair strands out of your face, all while asking you quietly if you’re trying to play a prank on him and warning you with a chuckle that if you do, he’s definitely gonna get his revenge 

• Him slowly realizing that you’re actually dreaming as he feels how you cuddle closer against him, only for him to begin to widely grinning imagine what you’re dreaming about and especially think about what kind of big role he’s playing in it

• Him beginning to have serious problems to keep his laughs quiet and small, to not let the rumbles and shakes of his chest, that grow bigger with every time he laughs as you mumble his name, wake you up

• Him at some point feeling how you begin to shift and wake up before you slowly raise your head and look with sleepy eyes at him while the dream already vanishes out of your mind

• Him chuckling as he points out the obvious big influence he has on you and your dreams, all while teasing you playfully and beginning to imitate your calls for him in the exaggerated kind of way he has

• Him pulling you against his chest as you ask him with a grin if he’s done teasing you, only for him to tighten the firm grab he has on your body and tell you that in case it was a dirty dream, he’s got all the night left to make you call his name again

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