Negan giving you a back massage would include:



• Him noticing you tensing and quietly groaning in pain as you come back from a long day of work, only for him to walk over to you and begin to let his hands slide over your back before telling you with a grin to get your clothes off

• Him letting his fingers massage the back of your neck and your shoulders, already hearing how you sigh contently before he intensifies everything as he lets his lips brush over your skin and begins to kiss and slightly nibble on it as he’s continuing his massage

• Him telling you with a big grin how he’s gonna find all the little fuckers of muscles and sinews that are giving you a hard time, all while feeling the desire to actually make you feel better and just being pretty proud of himself whenever he feels you relaxing more and more beneath his fingers

• Him joking around whenever he’s letting his fingers slide on purpose to your ticklish spots and tease you until you beg him laughing to go on with his massage

• Him taking care of your aching shoulder blades and carefully letting his fingers wander over your skin to find any small adherence that hurts while mumbling with a chuckle that he is the very best at finding all the right spots at any parts of your body

• Him rolling you on your stomach and climbing on top of you before letting his hands massage and slide down from your shoulders to the small of your back and just being quiet for a bit while truly enjoying your reaction and your little hums

• Him going further by trailing kisses down your spine all while continuing to knead all the spots that somehow bother you until he wanders up again and leans in to huskily whisper into your ear what kind of ideas he just got for later

• Him letting his hands cup your waist as he’s continuing his massage through letting his thumbs massage and circle over your skin while finding all the right spots to loosen the tension that’s stuck in your body

• Him telling you with a chuckle that when you continue to hum and even moan that way, he’s got no other option than remove the last bit of clothing you got left on your body and take you right there

• Whenever you’re taking a bath together after a long day and he begins to massage you, him just letting his fingers trail over your wet skin as you’re sitting between his legs and lean against him, all while feeling how he gets harder with every time his big hands let small and pleasant moans escape your lips

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