Taking a bubble bath with Negan would include:


• Him calling from the bathroom out for you to come just as he’s letting the bubble bath drip into the water and grows big eyed as he amusedly chuckles and excitedly watches how the foam and the bubbles begin to grow

• Him taking your hand to help you climb into the tub, all while his eyes roam over your body until you sink contently sighing into the foam and the hot water

• As you’re lying towards each other, him smirking wolfish at you before letting his hands wander over your legs all while beginning to massage them only to love to see the way you smile in response to his touch, close your eyes and sink deeper into the water

• Him teasingly messing around with you as well as splashing some water and bubbles at you just to laugh loudly and lewdly comment about your reactions  and the way you defend yourself as well as about the white foam that now slowly drips from your body and even face

• Him pulling you over to him until your back presses against his warm and wet chest only to wrap his arms around you, let his lips brush over your in a sheet of water covered skin before nibbling and kissing your neck

• Him letting his hands scoop some hot water and letting it flow over your shoulders, back and arms to let you relax some more just as he’s letting his fingers and hands trace over your skin

• Him simply loving to feel the way your hands run over his skin or through his damp hair, all while he closes his eyes and lets his head fall back as small hums and content growls travel up his chest 

• Him teasingly feeling you up, touching you and even tickling you, just to have to throatily laugh as soon as you writhe and squirm in the water under his touch while laughs and giggles escape your lips 

• Whenever he already feels himself getting hard in response to the way your naked body is pressed against his in the hot water, him grinding against you and letting his hands at a teasingly slow pace slide between your legs as he makes sure that you know how much he wants you

• Him sometimes just wanting nothing else than spending some peaceful and quiet moments with you in which he rests his head against yours or nuzzles his face into the curve of your neck before closing his eyes and just fully enjoying your closeness as he finally gets to let his guards completely down

• Whenever he notices that you’re tensed up or the work has brought you some aching muscles, him massaging your back and letting his palms and fingers knead the pain out of your body with relish, especially as he hears the small hums and moans that leave your lips

• After you’ve slipped out of the tub, him either watching you with relish as you dry yourself off or even helping you to do so, all while beginning to get some new ideas before he wraps his arms tightly around you and purrs huskily into your ear what he’s going to do to you as soon as you leave the bathroom 

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