5k Followers Writing Challenge


It’s been a while but I’ve finally decided to host a little writing challenge as a special to celebrate the 5k!
Below the cut are about 30 prompts of all kinds that you can use with any TWD character you like, no matter if it’s Negan, Rick, Daryl or maybe a totally underrated small character. 
Anybody’s welcome to join and I honestly can’t wait to see more fics all over tumblr! 



  • Please send me an ask, containing the prompt you’d like to have as well as the character you plan to useso I can keep everything organized! (In case your writing blog is your secondary blog and you don’t want to show your mainblog with the ask, it’s no problem to send the ask anonymously and simply mention with which blog you want to participate) 
  • You don’t have to follow me to take part, anyone is welcome to participate, no matter if you usually write or haven’t ever written anything before!
  • I’ll keep about 2-3 open slots for each prompt (but I don’t exclude giving a prompt an extension if it’s really favored)
  • You can write fluff, angst, smut or a mix of them, whatever you want! (Only rules there: no smut involving a minor character or minor reader! And please use warnings in case you write about sensitive contents)
  • The pairing for each fic should be character x reader / reader insert (Y/N)
  • The length of the imagine doesn’t matter at all, it’s completely up to you how short or how long it ends up to be! (In case you reach more than 500 words, please use a ‘keep reading cut’)
  • Make sure to tag me and use the hashtag “TWD-I 5k Writing Challenge”. I’ll send you a message as soon as I can to let you know that I’ve seen your fic, if it’s taking too long, you can’t tag me or you have the feeling that tumblr screwed something else up, feel free to message me.
  • The due date of the imagines is the 20th April, if you end up needing an extension, it’s no problem, just let me know. Once I get all of the completed imagines, I’ll make a masterlist post of them on my blog, so all of you can see them! 🙂