I Know You: Pt. 27


Summary:  When the reader and her group are rescued by the Saviors and taken to join the community at the Sanctuary, she finds herself face-to-face with someone from her past.  But Negan, the Saviors’ fearsome leader, isn’t the same man that she remembers.  Can she find any trace of the person she knew all those years ago, or is he gone for good?

Pairing:  Negan x Reader

Warnings:  Slow burn, language

The smile fell from Negan’s face as the door opened before him, and he was met with the determined set to your face, your eyes cold and unfeeling, your mouth a thin slash of pink against your pale skin.  

‘We need to talk.’

He steeled himself, brushing past you into the room and placing the plates of dinner clutched in his hands down on the table, before turning back to you.  ‘Something wrong, doll?’

‘I found Daryl.’

He let out a snort of amusement, shaking his head and rubbing his hand across his beard, but his eyes had narrowed, and you’d seen the flash of annoyance that crossed his face before he’d regained control.  ‘My buddy Daryl, huh?  He’s gonna be one of my best men before long, just you wait.’

‘I don’t think he’s gonna be that easy to break.’

‘Nah, probably not,’ Negan admitted, seeming to relax slightly, having obviously expected you to jump straight in with the rage and accusations.  ‘He’s a tough S.O.B., I’ll give him that.  But I have my methods, and I’ll get him eventually.  It’s just a matter of time.’

‘Methods like sleep deprivation, beatings, isolation, starving him-’

‘Hey!’ Negan snapped, cutting you off.  ‘We haven’t starved anyone!  He gets fed, he just refuses to eat!’

‘Because you feed him dog food.’  Your tone was passive, matter of fact, and you watched Negan trying to figure out how the conversation was going to go.

‘Sounds like you and Daryl had time for a nice little chat,’ he smirked.  ‘Where the fuck was my guard duty while this was going on?’

‘Don’t know,’ you shrugged.  ‘There was no one else down there while I was there.’

‘Well, that’s just fucking fantastic!  I’ll get Simon to check the work orders!  Somebody’s getting the fucking iron in the morning!’  He made to march towards the door, but you moved in front of it, blocking his exit.

‘Negan.’  Your voice was stronger than you felt, authoritative, and you stared him down as he loomed over you.  ‘Sit.  Down.’


I read this hours ago and I’m still screwed up😣

God, I need a happy end! If not, I already see myself tossing my phone against the nearest wall