Calming Negan down after he had a Nightmare:


There are those nights where you wake up to the sound of Negan’s calls and sobs in his sleep, other times its the way he shakes and quietly whimpers as he’s holding you tightly in his sleep or its the way his body flips up, ripped out of sleep while shivers let his body erupt.

In those nights the big bad wolf is nothing more than a person who’s being tortured by their nightmares that combine regrets, painful memories and fears of loss into a horrible and aching mix.

And in those nights, the very only thing that can calm him down and get him out of the painful trance the nightmare has trapped him in is you, your touch and your voice.

Right then all what gives him relieve is the way your arms wrap around him, the way he can bury his tearstained face into the curve of your neck and the way your quiet but soothing voice tells him that everything’s fine.

It’s those moments where he lays trembling in your embrace, small sobs still rumbling through his body and his unsteady breath hitting your skin when you realize again how much he trusts you, how much he needs you and how much you both need each other 

When your fingertips brush through his hair, massage his scalp and caress his neck soothingly, that’s when you feel him calming slowly down, the trembling of his body decreasing while you hear his deep but unsteady and muffled voice 
mumbling those three little words repeatedly, making sure that you know how important you are to him and making sure that those regrets that have followed him in his nightmare won’t ever repeat themselves again.

And when he hears you saying them back, his body relaxes some more as he holds you tightly, as if he wants to assure that no one takes you away from him before you slowly feel his breath becoming slow and steady.

Even if he has fallen asleep, you still continue to let your fingers run through his hair, place small kisses on his skin and stroke over his back and shoulders just to ensure that the nightmare doesn’t come back and instead, peaceful sleep encloses him.

And you do all that because you love him, just like he loves you.

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