Negan Imagine ~ Ride

prompt 183: “Car sex looks so much more easier in the movies.”


“What if someone sees us?”, you asked, your glance wandering nervously through the rear window of the car as Negan pulled you on the backseat closer, his hands cupping your waist tightly as his lips placed hot kisses all over your neck.
“No ones here, they already took off. There’s just the dead fuckers and us”, he grumbled as he nibbled teasingly on the sensitve flesh just before you heard his throaty chuckle.
“And if not, well, then they’re gonna see one fucking hell of a show”, he purred grinning against your skin, before his hands pulled you closer down on him, just until you felt his growing bulge pressing against your heat.
“Wouldn’t be a shame if they saw what you’re doing to me, right?”, he huskily asked before he buckled his hips up, the pressure of his erection letting a small moan leave your lips as a big grin grew on his lips.
“And how dripping wet I can make your little pussy”, he purred as another small moan left your lips as your eyes closed for a moment, your hands wandered over his chest as deep growls rumbled through his throat.

His hand wandered to the zipper of your pants, quickly pulled it down before his long fingers sneaked into your panties and let them tease the wet and sensitive flesh that was craving for his touch.
“Fuck, Baby”, he mumbled, a whimper leaving your lips as he pulled back while your eyes opened as he smirked wolfish at you.
His fingers were covered in your wetness as he lead them to his lips, carefully licking your juices off his skin as the heat in your body middle only grew.
“God, you taste fan-fucking-tastic”, he growled, his lust-filled eyes not leaving yours until he had finished, just before he bit his lower lip.
“Lets get you out of those fucking annoying pants”, he mumbled, a wider grin forming on his lips as his fingers began to fumble impatiently at the waistband of your pants.

Your hands acted quicker than your head as you lifted yourself a little up to pull them down, just to immediately regret it as the top of your head met the car’s roof with a dull thud.
“Fuck”, you cursed, squeezing your eyes shut as the pain spread over your skull.
“Shit, you okay, Sweetheart?”, you heard Negan concerned ask as you nodded, before you opened your eyes and met his worried glance.
“Yeah, I’m fine”, you mumbled before a small chuckle left your lips as you had to laugh about your own dumbness.
“I guess I was a little too enthusiastic”, you mumbled, another chuckle leaving your lips as you heard Negan’s throaty laugh.
“Now how couldn’t you be enthusiastic when you’re about to have this dick buried balls deep inside of you”, he chuckled, giving you a big grin as you let your forehead lean against his.
”Car sex looks so much more easier in the movies”, you mumbled with a small laugh as he pulled you with a wide smirk on his lips closer against him.
“Oh hell yeah it does, but believe me, that won’t make it any less fucking hot”, he purred as his tongue ran quickly over his lower lip.
“But I just ruined the mood”, you mumbled as he just shook his head, grabbed you to eventually lower you onto the backseat until your back met the dark fabric.
“Nope, you haven’t, Baby”, he mumbled as he began to take care of your shoes and pants, pulling them down your legs as he bowed down to let his lips wander over your inner thighs, nibbling on the delicate skin as he left his marks on you.
A small hum left your lips as the heat of his lips let your core crave for him once again, just before his fingers slid your already soaking panties off your skin.

“Fuck”, you just heard him quietly groan as he let his rough fingers run once again over your heat, his thumb massaging and rubbing your clit with slow circles as you moaned softly.
“Shit, I need you on my fucking dick”, he growled, as you lifted yourself up, his thumb still keeping you longing for more as he grinned for a moment at you as soon as you straddled his lap.
“Watch your head”, he mumbled teasingly as you shoved his chest with a small laugh just before he opened the zipper of his own pants, lifted his hips slightly to pull them a good bit down while your glance stayed fixed on the large tent in his boxers.
Almost automatically your hand moved to his bulge, running your fingers over the hardness before you heard a low groan leaving his lips.
“Stop the fucking teasing”, he groaned as his hand quickly pulled his boxers down, letting his erection spring free while your body craved nothing more than to feel him deep inside of you.
“Ride my dick, Baby. Ride my fucking dick”, he growled as he held himself steady, your hips lifting up as you watched your head this time until the head of his cock teased along your wetness.

Whimpers left your lips before you lowered yourself down on him, his girth stretching you out as the whimpers got replaced by moans.
“Fu-…Negan”, you moaned, as his hands grabbed your waist roughly and pulled you harder down on him.
“Now look at that, look at how fucking well your little pussy swallows by big cock”, he praised, his fingertips digging that hard into your hips that they soon were gonna leave bruises as you looked down at the both of you, a cry of pleasure leaving your lips as you watched yourself beginning to move up and down his length.
Negan pushed you closer against him, his hands grabbing your ass while he readjusting himself on the seat to keep his legs in line just as the movements of your hips made him throw his head back, his eyes tightly shut as you placed your hands on his shoulder to keep yourself steady.
Cursing he groaned in pleasure before his eyes slowly opened, one of his hand leaving you before he cupped the back of your neck and smashed his lips onto yours, swallowing your moans as he let his hips jerk up, pushing himself deeper inside you.
“Fuck, keep-…shit, keep going, Baby”, he groaned against your lips as you began to swing in ecstasy, your legs already quivering as you eagerly tried to meet his rhythm as he continued to pound into your heat.
The sensation of his skin against yours, the short dark curls that rubbed against your sensitive nub and his fingers that found their way to your most delicate parts to take your pleasure further, drove you almost crazy.

The moans and heavy breaths of air of the both of you filled the car as you got closer to your release, his thrust becoming harder and deeper with every passing moment just like your movements craved for more of him.
“Open your eyes…fuck, look at me”, Negan deeply groaned, pleasure swinging in his voice as you slowly opened your eyes and met his with lust darkened gaze, “Look at me when you cum on my dick.”
With that he intensified the rubs on your clit as he pushed you once again down onto him and thrusted harder up, a cry leaving your lips as Negan’s eyes kept yours captured while your high washed over you.
Your orgasm left you trembling back as Negan kept going, the sight of what he had just done to you bringing him even closer to his release as his pounds got harsher but sloppier.
His chest rose and fell at a fast pace, a bunch of curse words leaving his lips repeatedly through gritted teeth until you finally felt his warm cum filling you up as he buried himself deeply inside you.

Heavily breathing and shaking you leaned your forehead against his as he pulled you closer, his length still twitching inside you before his lips pampered your face with light kisses.
Still unable to speak you leaned closer into his touch, a low growl leaving his lips before you heard his deep voice chuckling throatily against your skin.
“Damn Baby,…we would’ve gotten a fucking Oscar for this performance”

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