Negan finding you injured after you went missi…



• After finding out you went missing on a run, him directly forming posses to search for you just as cruelly punishing the people who left you alone in the woods and got their asses back to safety instead of searching for you

• No matter what’s going on at the Sanctuary at the time, him accompanying those search posses, determined to find you but even more worried and concerned that something could have happened to you, all while he’s making himself reproaches to have even let it come this far

• Regardless of how long it takes or how exhausted he is, him searching for you until the very moment he finds you cowering against a tree, blood daubing your clothes all while the relief to have found you gets interrupted by the utter fear that the source of the blood could be a bite

• Him immediately dropping down to his knees next to you as even Lucille falls out of his hands before the only thing that can keep him from panicking is your voice telling him that they’re just injuries, no bites 

• As soon as he hears that, him wrapping his arms around you, trying to hold himself back from embracing you too tightly to not hurt you more, all while apologizing over and over again for not being there, telling you that everything’s gonna be fine and that he won’t let anybody or anything hurt you again

• Him carrying you back to the trucks, all while he’s constantly checking on you until he can finally get with you into the truck, let his men inform Carson that you’re coming back to the Sanctuary so he’s got everything prepared for you as soon as you arrive and take as much care as he can of the first wounds

• Him holding you all the way back to the Sanctuary while he’s still stuck in a mess between relief and the concern about your injuries and tries to soothe your pain a little with soft touches, loving words and some gentle kisses as he’s not giving a single fuck in these moments if any of his men can see him this way

• As soon as you get to the Sanctuary him immediately taking you to Carson, just to stay the whole time by your side as Carson treats your wounds but not without pulling him later on to the side and threatening him that he either makes sure that you’ll be fine again you or gets to meet Lucille

• No matter how exhausted he is, him staying with you, holding you when you need some comfort, simply trying to cheer you up a little with some jokes or bringing you your favorite food while trying his very best to stay strong and help you recover

• There are moments, especially when it’s all quiet, you’re asleep and still look so weak and frail, where his fears and regrets overhaul and haunt him, trying to bring him down until he can find some peace as he’s letting his head sink into the curve of your neck and holds you

• Him feeling better as well with every step you take closer to recovery and feeling especially happy when you’re finally feeling stronger and fine again, even though he’s still careful with you and your still healing wounds 

• Him taking it even as far as handling you with kid gloves when things get for the first time after your disappearance hot and bothered again between the both of you and only allowing himself to be rougher with you after you reassure him that everything’s fine

• Him having a hard time of becoming comfortable with the idea of you going on runs again, simply due to his fears of loss before he decides to go on the first runs after your recovery with you, not because he doesn’t trust your survival skills but just because he needs to calm himself and his fears and needs to know that you’re alright

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