Negan comforting you would include:


• Offering you to talk to him whenever you feel like it, no matter if it would take the whole day and night, just to make sure that you got everything off your chest that’s bothering and vexing you

• Him knowing when you just need to be held, all while he’s then pulling you deeply into his embrace and wraps his arms tightly around you, fully enclosing you until he can cradle you softly against his warm chest 

• Him making sure that you got anything you need or like that could simply make you feel a bit better or cheer you up, regardless of if it’s just a warm and fuzzy blanket to wrap around your shoulders and make you feel cozy or some of your favorite food

• Talking of food, him taking the time to personally cooking your favorite meal or whatever you’re in the mood for just to make you feel a bit better and get a smile back on your lips

• Him also trying to cheer you up, mostly with some of his remarks or the dirty jokes he’s recently heard and has sweetened some more with his colorful vocabulary or some steamy details just to make you laugh or at least chuckle a little

• If he feels like you need to be alone or you even tell him so, him giving you all the space you need even though he feels horrible to not be able to make you feel better at this point, especially since he hates the simply thought of you feeling miserable

• In case you feel like you need the complete opposite, him being up to spend as much time with you as you need, even giving some more tasks to other saviors to have more time for you

• Him suggesting to get you on his very own way on other thoughts, but leaving it completely free to you and your mood if you take things further or just keep on cuddling in bed

• When you’re in the mood and feel like it, him mostly taking his time to go down on you to make you feel  as good and comfortable as he can, before eventually rather turning it into some surprisingly gentle love making instead of rough sex, simply to take care of you and to fully concentrate on you 

• After all, when you feel better or simply mumble “thank you”’s in-between or tell him how much he’s helped you, him feeling utterly proud, happy and even relieved to be able to make you feel better, also because it gives him the feeling that he’s making things better now and is working against his regrets

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