Negan Imagine ~ Soft Slumber

Negan and their Newborn let the Reader wake up to the sweetest sight possible 


Darkness was still filling the room when coos and small cries woke you up and took you out of the sleep’s grasp.
Still with your eyes closed you felt the lack of Negan’s arms around your body just as the cries hushed and you heard his deep voice sounding softly through the room.
“You gonna sleep on Daddy’s chest now? Yeah, Buddy?”, Negan’s drowsy and through the sleep even raspier voice said as the mattress began to bend slightly.
Within seconds you felt his warmth right next to you again, the sheets moved softly over your skin as Negan tucked himself and your son back in.

Slowly, your tired eyes fluttered open and caught him leaning into the pillows, the tiny body of your baby placed gently on his broad chest, the white fabric of the shirt smoothing against the little boy as Negan’s large hands held him softly and made him look even tinier.
Negan’s slowly rising and falling chest dandled your son gently, his eyes closed while Negan’s darted lovingly in the faint light at him, a soft but big smile planting across his face.

Softly, Negan scratched his stubbly cheek and chin over your son’s head, the boy’s short and dark hairs entangling for small moments with Negan’s salt and pepper beard while the tiny lips curled slightly up. 
“My little Boo”, Negan cooed quietly, his deep and raspy voice filled with the love and deep affection of a proud father.
His lips placed a soft kiss on your baby’s head while his voice had as always a soothing effect on him, the countless hours he had talked to him when he had still laid in your belly seeming to pay off.

Your lips curled into a sleepy but big smile, the sight of Negan with your son filling every inch of your body with a comforting warmth that overwhelmed any bit of exhaustion the last days had made you feel.

Your eyes wandered over your baby, over the tiny hands that curled around the puckered white fabric of his Dad’s shirt, the tiny nose, the tiny lips and the rosy cheeks.
All before your eyes trailed up to Negan’s face, his dark hair tousled from the sleep, the eyes still dozy before you saw his glance wandering over at you, his eyes widening slightly as he found you awake.
“Shit, didn’t wanna wake you up”, he quietly mumbled as his thumb stroke softly over your baby’s head, keeping him in the peaceful slumber he was beginning to fall into.
“This is making up for it”, you half joked with the big smile on your lips as you still drowsily nodded to him and your child before you slowly shifted closer towards Negan.
Negan’s arm lifted up for you as you huddled up against this side, carefully and cautiously to not wake your son up.
Softly you laid your head into the nook of Negan’s shoulder, your face nuzzling into his warm neck while your hand placed gently on your son’s back.

The small body rose with every small breath he took beneath your and Negan’s hands, their touches seeming to let him sleep even deeper while you could feel Negan turning his head slightly until he could place a small kiss on your skin.

There really were no words needed in these moments, even Negan stayed silent  as you both knew that this right there was everything you both had wished and waited so long for.

So no matter how out of reach this world made it seem at times, after all you three were the living proof that the kind of happiness that could make your heart burst for joy was still possible. 

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