Why do you only write anyone that's not n…

Why do you only write anyone that's not negan has hc??

I also write imagines for other characters but I tend more and more to write also hc for them instead, because imagines take a ton of time (especially longer ones) and doing that for a character you’re not that drawn or attracted to is hard.
Hcs are the perfect alternative for me, because I really wanna write those requests for you and still like the characters but maybe just not always enough to write a whole story with all its details etc for them.
I know I’ve been writing  a lot for Negan, also regarding imagines and it’s simply because he’s my favorite character and I really enjoy writing for him.
Either way. when it comes (as for example) to those prompt lists that let me do shorter imagines as well, I’ll keep on doing them for other characters just like I’ll do it if a plot interests me 🙂