how are you writing the negan series when we d…

how are you writing the negan series when we don’t know what’s gonna happen? i’m very excited to see what you write but i’m just curious and if that question sounds mean i really don’t mean for it to sound like that i’m just wondering how you have plots and stuff for them? ❤️

Hey 🙂
So thanks to the pics from the set it’s already pretty clear that they’ll start season 9 after a time jump which means that there’s gonna be a whole lot of time to fill.
Now I don’t exactly know if it’s gonna be two years like in the comics or more or less but even though I e.g. can’t just let known characters randomly die or have to be a little careful with what I do with certain characters, I still got some freedom with the plots 🙂
There are some pinpoints from the show and the comics I can use (Negan being in the cell, rebuilding Alexandria, Maggie giving birth etc) and as for the rest I’ll create my own storylines within this timeline since there’s still a whole lot I can do with it ❤️