Negan Imagine ~ “Mother’s Day Surprise”

A little belated imagine for Mother’s Day, anyway hope you enjoy it!


The sun was already shining softly through the windows as the lack of your husband’s arms around you began to wake you up, combined with the soft kicking of your unborn daughter that let you eventually completely escape the sleep’s grasp.
Quietly yawning you opened your eyes, your sleepy and still a little muddled glance searching for Negan before you heard his voice on the floor and began to slowly remember what kind of day was today.
“There we go”, you heard Negan quietly and still drowsily say before you heard your son’s yawn being followed by his dad’s familiar throaty chuckle ,”You look like a fucking rockstar with that damn bedhead.”
“Alright, now we really gotta get downstairs”, you heard his voice again, trying to keep quiet before you heard quick but small footsteps rushing down the stairs,“Hey Buddy, be fucking careful-”
“Now if I had your energy in the fucking mornings…”, Negan’s deep voice followed the steps with a chuckling huff before his heavy steps made their way down the stairs. 
“Daddy?”, you heard your son’s voice ask, now sounding quieter than before as they headed further away.
“Yeah, Bud?”, Negan voice asked, a small yawn interrupting him before you heard a door shut.

You could hear them rummaging in the kitchen as a smile formed on your face while you heard their laughs and voices mixing, before they got more silent again as Negan must have remembered that his plan still implied to not wake you up and keep you in the land of slumber.
Quietly yawning you sunk a little deeper into the pillows, trying to keep yourself comfortable as you pulled the sheets a little more over your body.
For a bit, your eyes closed again, letting you dwell somewhere between being awake and dozing softly away.
The air filled with the delicious scent of baking pancakes and brewing coffee before you heard the door opening again, just like Negan’s deep voice.

“Holy hell, now how did you get that batter off? That shit was fucking everywhere”, you heard him ask with a soft chuckle.
“Balu licked it up”, your son’s voice said just as his words let you directly picture how your dog took gladly care of the mess of batter and half baked pancakes your son must have created.
“Oh my…”, Negan chuckled, the throatiness and deepness of his laugh rumbling through his chest as you could hear him trying to stifle it to not let it form into the booming and loud laugh you knew too well as well.
“Okay, then we’ll get the rest off now, ya coming with me, Bud?”, you heard him ask just before the mix of his heavy and your son’s small footsteps mixed as the 
wooden floorboards squeaked quietly beneath them.

Feeling how a bigger smile grew on your lips you cuddled yourself a little more into the sheets, your eyes laying on the leant door before you felt the soft kicking of your baby daughter again.
Smiling you let your hand slide down to your stomach while you were more than glad that she was turning her kicks into a morning routine instead of a nightly workout.
Slowly you let your fingers begin to draw small circles over the soft fabric of your loose nightdress just as she kicked again.
If Negan was next to you in bed now, he’d be looking widely smiling at your baby bump, letting his large hand rest on your skin to feel the next kick just to excitedly grin and softly chuckle as soon as he could feel it.
He was still acting with the very same excitement about every kick he could feel  as he have had in your first pregnancy, with the only exception that he was now also motivating your son to be just as excited about the kicks of his little sister.

The sound of footsteps coming up the stairs dragged you out of your thoughts just before you heard them coming a little closer to the bedroom.
“Alright Buddy, we gotta be quiet. We want it to be a fuckin’ surprise for Mommy, right?”, you heard Negan quietly say, just as you had to keep a chuckle in to keep them in the illusion that you were still sleeping and hadn’t woken up before they had even started to turn their surprise plans into reality. 
“Perfect, got your presents ready, big guy?”, you heard your husband ask next while the tasty scent of the pancakes he must carry with him was beginning to fill the air more and more up.
“Will Mommy like it?”, you heard your son mumble just before you heard Negan’s voice sounding through to you once again.
“Of course she will, you made it. She’ll fucking love it”
They shifted a little more over the floorboards until you heard Negan’s chuckle rumbling through his chest.
“Ah wait, shit Buddy you still got some fucking pancake batter in your hair”, he mumbled, chuckling quietly once again as you heard their voices right before the door.
You closed your eyes, pretending to be still asleep while trying your very best to keep the small grin and smile off your lips as you quietly leaned a little deeper into the soft pillows.
“Alright, here you go”, you heard Negan say just before you could hear the door beginning to slowly open ,“ Now lets get inside, Bud.”

Softly you heard your son taping over the floor, followed by his dad’s heavy footsteps, before you could hear him climbing up the bed.
Slowly, he began to shift over to you as you still tried to do your very best to look as asleep as you could until you felt your sons small hand placing on your arm.
“Mommy, wake up”, you heard him quietly say as he stroke over your arm just before you opened your eyes and saw into his widely smiling face and the familiar hazel eyes.
“Hey, Boo”, you said softly, your eyes wandering to his arms that were carrying his presents for you, struggling to keep all of them in his small embrace as your glance trailed over them.
A self-drawn picture, a light pink rose of which Negan must’ve cut the thorns off earlier and a light blue package that was carrying your favorite body butter inside which the both of them must have secretly bought.
“Happy Mother’s Day”, he said smiling, finally releasing his presents right next to you.
“Aw thank you”, you said with a happy smile as you sat yourself a little up and  opened your arms for him as he chuckled softly, “Come here.”
Feeling him falling dashingly into your embrace as he hugged you, you wrapped your arms around his small body and finally saw Negan coming towards you, carrying a tablet with the pancakes and some hot steaming coffee.
He had a mix of a big smile and a smirk planted across his face, his tongue slid  slowly over his lower lip before he placed the tablet right next to you on the nightstand and leaned down to let his lips meet yours.
Gently, his lips caressed yours as his beard stubble tickled you, his hand slightly cupping the side of your face before he let go.
“Happy Mother’s Day, Sweetheart. You’re the fucking best”, he mumbled against your lips with another smile before backing slightly away as he sat himself next to you on the edge of the bed.
“This is awesome, thank you both”, you said brightly smiling, feeling how your son moved slowly out of your embrace before he could sit himself up.
Slowly, he leaned himself down until he could lay his head on your bump just like Negan had shown him and told him that his baby sister was for sure gonna feel when he was hugging your belly.
Smiling you let your glance wander back to Negan as he looked smirking at you, his dark hair still a little tousled from the night just before he leaned in to you again and gave you another soft peck.
“Got some other fucking present for tonight too”, you heard him mumble quietly but audibly grinning and with that wolfish tone of his into your ear before you left out a chuckle and shoved his chest playfully just to hear his throaty chuckle rumbling up his throat.
“She kicked, Mommy!”, your son suddenly enthusiastically called out just as you could feel your daughter moving again.
“Yeah, she’s excited too”, you chuckled, stroking softly over your son’s back as he looked abuzz at your belly just before you could hear Negan’s chuckle once again, followed by his deep voice.
“Alright so you’re gonna try our kickass pancakes now, Baby?”

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