Negan Imagine ~ Safe Haven

prompt 57: “You’ve always got me”


Slowly, Negan’s fingers ran through your hair, his fingertips massaging your scalp soothingly while he held you tightly in his arms.
Your breath was by now calm again and softly hit the skin of his neck as you nuzzled your face deeper into the nook of his shoulder.
You could still feel the tears on your skin that were dry by now and left an ugly tension behind, just like you could feel the slight dampness of Negan’s white shirt beneath your face.
Negan’s soft and quiet hums rumbled through his throat and let his neck gently vibrate against you the same way his chest did beneath your hand.
The deepness of his voice was calming, just like the slight vibrating as he cradled you against his body to hold you a little closer.

Slowly, his head that still rested against yours turned a bit until his lips could press a small kiss on your temple, his beard stubble tickling you slightly as his hand moved gradually out of your hair, stroke first over your jaw and found its way then to the back of your neck just to let his fingers circle over your skin.
He was completely enclosing you, his scent, his arms, his warmth, his legs that were placed around you as you were huddled up in his lap and cuddled yourself as much into his embrace and warmth as you could.

“Feelin’ a bit fucking better, Baby?”, you heard him quietly ask, his hot breath hitting your face as he pulled you a little closer.
“Yes…thank you…for being there”, you mumbled quietly, your voice sill slightly strained from the torture of crying you had put it through before you could feel his lips curling slightly up against your skin.
“Always gonna be”, he mumbled, as the caressing movements of his fingers still continued,”You’ve always got me, you know that right?”
“Yeah…”, you mumbled back, your hand running up his chest to his shoulders until you could wrap your arm around his neck to hug him as tightly back as he was holding you.
You could hear his quiet exhaling as the smile grew bigger on his lips as he pulled you even closer and pressed his lips anew on your skin while his hand ran back into your hair.
Finally feeling how the last bit of tension and miserableness left your body, you could let go again, just let yourself fall and just feel the lightheartedness you were longing so much for.
And as you then heard those three little words leaving his lips and felt his arms wrapping protectingly around you as if they were ready to shield you from any arm no matter of its size, you realized once again that you had found your safe haven in him.

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