Negan Imagine ~ Hot & Cold

Prompt 153: “Put me down!”


“Negan, Put me down!”, you called half laughing, half serious as you felt Negan tightening the hold he had on you, keeping you securely thrown over his shoulder as he stumped into the cold water of the lake.

The splashes of the cool wet already began to hit your skin as you gripped into his skin and began to shake your hips and legs, trying to get out of his tight grab before he could get you both even deeper into the cold. 

“Nope, and this whole fucking wiggling won’t get you anything”, you heard Negan’s chuckling voice say, his throaty laugh booming through the air as he placed a quick slap on your ass.

“Come on, this isn’t fair”, you groaned with a small laugh just as you heard his rough chuckle again and even though you couldn’t see his face you knew that he had a giant smirk plastered all over it.

“Well, this is what makes it this fucking fun!”

With that he finally stopped, the water already reaching over his hips as you could feel its coldness beginning to dive through your skin and into your veins and then Negan’s arms suddenly left your body and let you sink into the water.

Within seconds the cool water surrounded you completely, leaving you for a short moment shocked before your feet found the ground and let you rush yourself back over the water again.

“You fucking asshole”, you laughed, stroking your hair back and rubbing your eyes to get your sight clear again as you felt Negan’s arms wrapping around you and pulling you against his warm and wet chest.

“Just did as you fuckin’ told me”, he said shrugging his shoulders and rising his brows innocently before you playfully shoved his firm chest.
Just as your fingers felt the short and wet dark curls that clung to his chest beneath them, you felt him pulling you closer until his warm skin was meeting yours in the cold water, their mix creating a familiar tingling in your body.

“Oh you’ll get that back”, you chuckled, seeing him grinning wider as his tongue ran slowly and teasingly over his lower lip and his intense and roguish glance darted right into your eyes.

He smirking leaned in until his lips could meet yours, their heat mixing blissfully with the coolness the chilly water had brought on yours before his voice vibrated wolfishly against your lips.

“Can’t fucking wait for that.”

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