Negan Imagine ~ Mornin’

Prompt 64: “ You’re so fucking beautiful.”


“Mornin’, Baby”, Negan’s drowsy voice grumbled as you slowly let your eyes flutter open, his warmth still completely surrounding you as you were cuddled against his cozy chest.
“Morning”, you yawned, nuzzling your face for some more moments into his skin, taking in his pleasant scent while your fingertips felt the slight tickling of his dark chest hair beneath them as a content growl rumbled through his body and let it vibrate against you.
With another small yawn you backed your head a little away and let your sleepy eyes glance up at him, a small grin playing around the corners of his lips as his dozy eyes wandered over your face.
“You’re so fucking beautiful”, Negan mumbled drowsily as a big smile slipped onto your lips even though a small groan rumbled through your throat as well.
“I just woke up…I look like a pollywog”, you sleepily chuckled as you buried your face back into his warm chest.
“Bullshit”, Negan grumbled with a small laugh as he wrapped his arms tighter around you and pressed a sloppy kiss on the top of your head, keeping you some longer just like that in his arms before his drowsy voice sounded after a cozy while of just laying in each other’s embraces through to you.

“Also don’t think a fucking pollywog could get me that rock hard…or make me cum so fucking hard”, he purred with a chuckle as his rough voice emphasized the ‘hard’s especially strong.
“Oh my”, you chuckled drowsily and playfully shoved his chest as you heard his throaty laugh and felt the way his hot breath hit your skin, just before your felt him shifting his body against yours, his arms tightening until he rolled himself with a drowsy groan on top of you.
Feeling his lips meeting the sensitive skin of your neck you let out a pleasant hum, your fingers finding their way into his dark and from the sleep tousled hair before he tightened his arms around you and made you feel the sizable bulge that was beginning to grow beneath his boxers.
“Want me to prove it?”, he asked as he backed a little away, the grin plastered over his face before his lips meet yours in a longing kiss and let the heat in your body grow.
His lips yearningly caressed yours until he let go of you and raised his brows with an even wider grin that flashed over his lips as a small chuckle escaped your lips.
“I insist on it.”

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