The kinds of kisses Negan gives you:


• The rough and hungry kisses he gives you when you’re making out, when his whole attention is just focused on nothing else but you, you can feel his tongue teasing yours in a demanding and hungry manner, can feel and hear deep growls rumble through his chest and vibrate against your lips and feel the heat in both of your bodies rising as he keeps your body as close as he can against his

• Sloppy morning kisses that happen right after he has woken up and leans in to place his lips on your neck, your jaw and eventually your lips, all while he’s still sleepy, sometimes hasn’t even completely opened his eyes yet and just wants to feel you right there with him

• The pecks in between that are, even though they’re small, actually just as important as the long and deep kisses as they’re always there, no matter if it’s just a quick kiss before you or he’s going out to do something around the Sanctuary, one of you is in hurry but still rush over to kiss the other one or it’s simply to just have the other one for a small moment close

• Slow and loving kisses that show Negan’s other sides and which can be even more gentle than one would ever expect to come from a man like him. Those kisses are the ones you mostly share when you’re alone, when he’s got you all to himself and you can feel each and every bit of him as he’s letting his lips caress over yours and holds you tightly in his arms

• The ones he gives you right as he’s climbing back on top of you, your body still trembling from what his tongue and his lips have done to you, all while his eyes are darkened in lust, a devilish grin is dancing on his lips that are just like his beard stubble glistening in your juices as he leans in to pull you into a deep kiss and let you taste yourself

• The ones he gives you when he’s already gotta get up in the early morning hours when you’re still in bed and asleep, but wake up for a short moment when you hear him trying to get ready and leave the apartment as quiet as he can and feel him leaning down to your dozy self all while he has to grin slightly as he hears you sleepily mumbling something before he presses a small kiss on your lips and tells you quietly to go back to sleep

• The ones after he comes back from a a stressful day filled with men of his that have pissed him off or even a longer run, when he’s still pumped full with adrenaline and grabs you immediately to smash his lips on yours and pull you into a teeth clashing, rough and yearning kiss that demands to still the longing and hunger he has built up for you

• Heated kisses he presses on your lips in the hallways of the Sanctuary that are simply there to make sure that no man just nearly begins to think of taking you away from him and any of them get well reminded of the fact that you belong to him

• The ones you both have when he’s falling completely exhausted after a long and stressful day into bed, was even almost too tired to get properly out of his clothes and just lays next to you on his stomach, stretching his longs legs out and glimpsing sleepily at you before enjoying the kisses you share when you lean in and slowly caress your lips over his before you cuddle up to him

• The kisses where he murmurs and chuckles some remark against your lips that actually makes it hard for you to concentrate on your kiss and instead lets you break out in laughter that is muffled as soon as he presses his lips with more passion on yours

• Kisses when he’s beginning to get you ready for him, when he’s feeling you up and lets his hand wander over your body or even lets them slip into your panties or simply when he’s already feeling himself getting harder with each moment and can’t hold the deep and hungry growls back that rumble through his chest and throat 

• The comforting ones after one of you had nightmare or simply got haunted by the past, regrets or fears and just need some solace, kisses that are sometimes just small and even feathery, and other times desperate and longing as you need to feel the other one as close as possible

• Kisses that swallow your moans when he’s thrusting deeply inside your heat, his hands are gripping your hips and ass that hard that they will most likely leave marks as they push you even closer against his body all while he’s carrying you closer to your high and is eager to feel and see you cumming for him

• Deep and longing kisses you can have whenever you’re slowly taking things further, you’ve missed the closeness of the other one or simply need to feel each other as close as you can

• The kisses when you’re laying in his arms after you’ve had sex, the both of you have calmed down again but are still a little breathless as he’s pulling you tighter against his bare body and leans in to kiss you and to still more of the  hunger that’s still lingering in him

• Kisses when he’s using his beard stubble purposely to tease and tickle your skin, especially when he’s letting go of your lips, continues to kiss and nibble down your neck just to playfully chafe his stubbly cheek against the sensitive skin and hold you tighter in his arms to tease you just a little longer

• The ones he gives you when you’re showering or bathing together that can be rough and deep or loving and slow but always have the specialty of his wet skin pressing against yours, his from the hot water even warmer lips and his dark hair that hangs tousled and in strands into his face as you run your fingers through it

• Kisses he places either soft or teasingly on the skin he has marked with his lips, his teeth or even his hands just to make sure again that you’ve not only noticed and seen what he’s done to you and won’t forget about it anytime you see them but also let them show you that you’re his

• When you’re in bed and you’re laying in his arms, he often lets his warm lips brush against your skin, lets them place some soft kisses on your forehead or your temple all while he wraps his arms a little tighter around you and lets you bury your head in his warm chest or in the crook of his neck

• Just like he kisses your temple and especially when you’re having trouble sleeping, he also sometimes reaches out to cup your hand in his large palm and lead it to his lips, just to let them kiss and brush over your knuckles and the back over your hand and lets his beard stubble chafe slightly against your skin, all in order to just loose you a little up and help you sleep

• The kisses right after he has shaved, when his rough face is soft, you can smell the pleasant scent of his aftershave mixing with his own and instead of the familiar and beloved tickling of his salt and pepper stubble, your lips and fingers can feel his clean shaved skin right against yours as he’s melting into you

• Kisses he places on your neck that can heat your body up within seconds, that can make you let out a small gasp as soon as his lips meet your skin or you can feel him beginning to nibble and leave his marks on you as he’s beginning to feel you up and let you know how much he wants you 

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