Negan helping you to fall asleep would include…


• The first thing that does comes to Negan’s mind when it comes to helping you relax so you can finally fall asleep and get some rest is to help you with the special kind of magic his tongue and fingers can do in the wink of an eye to your body

• Him loving to hear your gasps and soft moans as soon as he slips in between your legs and pampers you as much as he can, no matter if its pressing soft but intoxicating kisses to sensitive skin of your inner things, sucking delicately on your sweet spots and your growing heat, letting you shake in pleasure with every flick of his tongue or letting you cum on his fingers as your whole body shakes in pleasure

•  Even though he loves pulling you right after that into his arms and feel how you melt against him and dive off into a dovish slumber, him also absolutely not minding if you take it further after that, and he can pound highs into you until you’re both breathless and that exhausted that you’re falling into a deep sleep in each others arms, 

• Often, when the main reason of your sleepless night is something that is haunting you and keeps trying to drown you in painful memories, him being also able to just pull you deeply into his embrace to comfort you and cradle you against his chest, either trying to cheer you up with his very own humor or just holding you tight while mumbling some soothing words into your hair until he feels you relax in his arms

• Him sometimes taking you out on the roof of the Sanctuary or on some of the rather abandoned platforms at the building’s side, just for you to catch some fresh air and maybe get rid of the thoughts that keep bothering you and keep you from sleeping

• It’s rather symbolic and to others it might doesn’t sound much, but knowing about Negan’s relationship to his beloved bat it’s more than just a big sign of deep affection when Negan moves Lucille at some times and especially when you’re having a particularly hard time, from his side of the bed to yours, not saying much but simply showing you with the glance in his eyes and the kiss he presses on your lips that he believes she might be able to give you the comfort she has often given to him before

• Him giving you back massages to loose you up, just to love to feel the way you melt beneath his large hands and to hear your little hums when his fingers run over your body until you’re so comfortable that you’re almost falling asleep

• Sometimes, him also just holding you and loosing you a little up with pampering your neck with kisses, running his large hands over your body, tracing his fingers over your skin and basically letting you use him as much as a pillow as you want to

• Knowing how much you love the sound of his deep voice, him using it in every kind of way to loose you up and help you get more comfortable and relaxed, with the range going from just talking some more about your day or murmuring some loving and soothing words into your ear, right up to making you cum only with his voice

• As soon as he feels you falling asleep in his arms, him actually being pretty proud of himself and loving the fact that he can make you feel not only relaxed but also that safe and protected that you can finally let your guards down and fall asleep, only for him feel more proud and happy as he feels you cuddling closer up to him in your sleep and hears your content hums vibrating against his skin

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