Negan’s Winter Writing Challenge

I’ve been thinking a while about finally celebrating the follower milestone and the 2 year anniversary of this blog, so here it finally is, my Winter Writing Challenge for Negan.
Beneath the ‘keep-reading’-cut are about 35 winter related prompts (including some Christmas and New Year related ones) which you can use all the way you like!

Anybody’s welcome to join and I honestly can’t wait to see more Negan fics all over tumblr!



• Please send me an ask, containing the prompt(s) you’d like to have (You can also send it anonymously in case you have a secondary writing blog and don’t wanna show your main one. Just mention the blog you’re participating with.)

•  You don’t have to follow me to participate, the challenge is open to anyone  no matter if you’re a writing blog or even haven’t written anything before, if you’re interested, you’re more than welcome to give it a shot

• You can either choose just one prompt or combine two if you like, but please don’t go over this maximum

• You can choose any prompt you want, even if somebody else already has it  but if I notice that one prompt (or combination) is chosen 4 or even 5 times, I’ll most likely close it, so we end up with a bigger variety. 

• It can be fluff, smut, angst, whatever you can imagine (in case you write about sensitive topics please use warnings)

• It has to be Negan x Reader (but which gender you choose is of course up to you)

• It can be as long (or short) as you want, but if you reach over 500 words, please use a ‘keep-reading’ cut

• It can be set in the apocalyptic world of ‘The Walking Dead’ but you can also set it in an AU or in the time before the apocalypse if you like 

• Make sure to tag me and use the hashtag “Negan’s Winter Writing Challenge”. As soon as I’ve seen your imagine, I’ll send you a message, but since tumblr is known for messing tags up, you are welcome to send me a message and let me know in case I don’t respond in the matter of a day.

• The deadline is the 27th of december (If you need more time, that is absolutely no problem, just please let me know!) 

Thanks in advance to everyone who’s interested in taking part, if you don’t wanna participate yourself, I’d be real happy if you’d still share this post!

1. “Is that my sweater?”
2. “Kissing at midnight is for suckers…I got better ideas.”
3. “It’s finally snowing!”
4. “You look like Santa with that beard.”
5. “You’re cold? I’d have some ideas how to change that…”
6.  “Let’s take a walk in the snow.”
7. “You’re my secret santa, aren’t you?”
8. “You’re warm…you’re like my personal heater”
9. “Let’s get drunk on eggnog and fuck under the christmas tree!”
10. “Well, looks like we’re snowed in.”
11. “Those are supposed to be christmas cookies, you can’t shape them like dicks.”
12. “Let’s get cozy in front of the fireplace.”
13. “Bet you’d like to taste my candy cane, don’t ya?”
14. “Stop stealing all the blankets!”
15. “It’s almost midnight.”
16. “You shouldn’t be alone on Christmas.”
17. “Shit, the car’s stuck in the snow.”
18. “You know what? We’ll have a firework show on our very own…”

19. Snowstorm
20. Leather gloves
21. Fireball whiskey
22. Cold hands
23. Firecracker
24. Red lingerie
25. Lead-pouring
26. Gift ribbon
27. Snowball fight
28. Crackling Fireplace
29. Mistletoe
30. Hot chocolate
31. Red scarf
32. Baking
33. Christmas lights
34. New Year’s kiss
35. Warm Leather Jacket
36. Fuzzy Socks
37. Christmas morning

I’ll simply tag some blogs that come to my mind, writing blog or not, but of course, you are absolutely not obligated to participate. I just figured some of you or your followers might be interested 🙂

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(Note: the gif is not mine, I found it on google so credit to the original owner)