TWD – Negan Imagine ~ “Ghosts”


Imagine for episode 3 of season 10

Summary: After crossing Alpha’s border, the communities have to deal with the consequences and both Negan and the Reader have to find their roles in fighting the new threats

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Crossing Alpha’s border had consequences, consequences Alexandria quickly got to experience the hard way.
It started at sunrise, not more than a few days after the fire at Oceanside, when the first wave of walkers hit Alexandria. It wasn’t a horde, yet still big enough to need more than ten people to get it under control and kill every last one of the decaying corpses. More followed, sometimes after only a half hour, other times after up to three hours but they came, sometimes more, sometimes less but each time enough to stir the whole community up.
At first you stayed at the infirmary, the threat manageable enough to not pull more people from their tasks but in night two of the walker waves, you got pulled in and it only seemed to get worse from that point on.
The span in between the waves got shorter, the amount of walkers grew oppositely to the amount of sleep you’d got and that got it’s revenge as you found yourself at the walls, only half awake and exhausted after the last wave of walkers had been managed, only a few lonely dead stumbling over the streets that had been attracted by the sounds of their companions.
Running your hand over your face you tried to work against the weight that got heavier on your eyelids and the urge in you to fall into the next bed. Only from the corner of your eyes you caught Negan as he heft one of the dead walkers into a wagon, letting the pile of corpses grow bigger before a small yawn left his lips as soon he turned around as got back to picking another up. He’d gotten some more sleep than you last night, still not enough to be well rested, though you envied him a little for just those few hours he got more.
Yawning yourself you walked along the wall, tossing bloody crowbar you’d just used to kill one of the last walkers to the side, hoping to find something with more grip for the next wave as your shoe suddenly hooked against a sward and nearly made you trip over your own feet for a second, bringing you back on alert for a second as adrenaline rushed through you.
”Shit”, you grumbled, getting steady on your feet again before you felt a large hand gently wrapping around your wrist.
”Hey, you okay?”, you heard Negan’s voice ask as he shifted next to you, letting you meet his concerned glance as soon as you looked up at him and felt his hand slipping from your wrist to your neck, raising your jaw with his thumb to get a look at you.
”Yeah, just tired”, you said with a small, exhausted smile, giving him a nod that got slightly mirrored by him.
”Alright”, he said, his eyes still wandering with some worry stuck in them over your face as you leaned a little into his touch, trying to let his warmth work a bit against you exhaustion though it elicited more the wish to fall into bed with him and get more of that comfort.
You sighed, trying to force your eyes to stay open as Negan leaned in for a second, pressing a quick kiss to your temple before he leaned back, giving you a small smirk as his hand dropped from your neck.
”Gotta get back to work. Still can’t wait for that bed though”, he chuckled, giving you another grin before he urged himself to finally walk past you.
Still feeling his touch on you for another moment you glanced back up to the wooden spikes, suddenly flinching as your eyes caught Daryl’s who’d been carefully watching you, and most certainly your moment with Negan as well.
He didn’t say anything, he just stared for a second longer before he got back to the spikes, leaving you glued to the ground for a moment. 

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