TWD – Negan Imagine ~ “Silence the Whisperers”


Imagine for episode 4 of season 10

Summary: After Negan and the reader finally get to enjoy some of his freedom within the community, the night in which he saves Lydia from her attackers and accidentally kills Margo threatens to turn their little idyll into hell on earth.

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(You don’t have to read any previous parts to understand the plot! Hope you all like it and enjoy reading)


Rough fingertips ran along your spine, up and down as you cuddled your head into the soft pillow, hugging it loosely before you glimpsed at the man beside you. He grinned at you, the hazel eyes lightening up in the warm midday sun as he shifted towards you, groaning contently as soon as he moved close enough to cuddle his bare chest against the side of your back.
“Those breaks keep gettin’ better”, he mumbled, the mix of a big smile and his signature smirk palpable as he pressed a kiss to your shoulder, before nuzzling his nose into the crook of your neck, holding you a little tighter than before.
You hummed in agreement, smiling to yourself as you leaned closer into his touch.
Yeah, those breaks really kept getting better.
Couple days had passed since the meet up with Alpha at the border and the waves of walkers had stopped soon after, and you used the breaks with Negan as much as you could since you got them back.
It was like a little break from reality, a time bubble only reserved for you and with each and every second in it at your own disposal. Sometimes you ended up just like now, a tangle of limbs underneath the sheets or slumped against each other and panting heavily in the shower. Other times you just laid curled up together on the bed, simply napping together or chatting a little here and there, enjoying the luxury of being able to get sprawled out as much as you liked on that big bed before heading down to cook.
It was heavenly, really.
“I could just keep on laying’ here all fucking day, just like that”, Negan mumbled, holding you tighter as he nuzzled his nose a little more into your skin, brushing his beard against it until a small laugh left your lips.
“Mhmm me too”, you mumbled, smiling softly as he pressed another kiss against your neck, motivating you to slowly turn around to take a look at him and damn, that was one hell of a view.
He glanced down at you, that mix of a grin and a smile growing wider, showing his dimples underneath the salt and pepper stubble as some loose black hair strands dropped into his face.
“Goddamn addictive”, he chuckled, pulling you a little closer as he leaned down  to press warm kisses onto the sensitive skin underneath your collarbones and up your neck, a wide heartfelt smile taking over the grin as he nuzzled his nose into the crook of your shoulder before a content hum fell from his lips.
“Mhmm my big ol’ softie”, you teased as you wrapped your arms around him, burying one hand in his hair to caress your fingers through it as he let out a small groan.
“Softie? Try to tell that to your pussy after that fuck”, he chuckled, the tone in his voice playful as he dove back out of the curve of your neck and gave your waist a teasing squeeze, watching you squirm a little as he grinned at you.
“Oh you know what I mean”, you laughed softly, stroking your hand through his hair  as you mirrored his grin,”I love that rough and hard as nails badass side just as much.”
“Yeah, think I heard that”, he teased, cockily raising his brows as you shoved his chest with a laugh, only to flinch slightly as he reached down your body to tease his fingertips over the small marks he had left on the inside of your thighs.
“Fuck, Negan”, you mumbled, eliciting a thick chuckle to fall from his lips as he reached back up, cupping your waist before he leaned down, smoothing his body against yours until he pressed against you and let his head fall into the curve of your neck, just like before. He hummed deeply, enough to let his chest rumble against you as you hugged him back and buried your hand back into hair, running down until your could circle your fingertips over the nape of his neck. You closed your eyes, holding the big man tight as his weight pressed a little in on you and his warm breath ghosted over the side over your neck  before his deep voice sounded a little muffled through to you, “Fuckin’ heaven.”
You softly chuckled, holding him a little tighter for a while until a grumble rumbled through your stomach.
“Well shit, sounds like someone’s hungry”, he mumbled, a wide grin spreading across his face as he lifted his face up, while a roguish glance filled his eyes as he leaned a little closer in, “Well then lets get ya some of Daddy’s spaghetti.”
“Wow”, you chuckled as you gave his shoulder another small shove, only getting him to look more suggestively at you before he let out a deep chuckle and forced himself to sit up.
“C’mon, we gotta get up or you can bet that sweet ass of yours that I won’t let you get outta that bed so fast again.”

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