From the writers asks list : ink and backstory…

From the writers asks list : ink and backstory💗 Thank you!

ink: what do you do to “set the mood” when writing?

Not sure if I really set the mood but I like to be comfy when I write. I don’t know why but I need to sit or lay comfortable when I do it. When there’s something like a pillow or whatever poking against my back or lets me sit weird I shift or adjust it until I’m comfortable, don’t know why I’m so sensitive with this🤷🏻‍♀️ Anyway, I do like having a coffee and a cozy blanket when I write!

backstory: how did you come to love writing?

I don’t think there was a specific moment that made me like it but it really rather developed over time. Already loved it as a kid and once I grew up it only intensified, especially because it’s like a “valve” for daily stressors etc.and I think the fact that it just lets you do whatever you like and lets you dive in any world you wish is also a reason why I came to love it so much 🙂

Thank you!🖤