rhyatt-deauxtreve asked me for timelapse and trope and my dumbass accidentally deleted it when I wanted to answer, anyway here we go:

timelapse: how long have you been writing  (as a hobby or for work)?

Always kinda, I mean I did my few tries in little stories as kid (they were were actually cute, like some Christmas stories or so) and also in my teens (I know there’s some stuff I wrote with idk 13/14 and I’m so glad no one will ever see it).

But I got this blog for 3 years now and that’s the time I’ve really been actively writing, so if I had to say a concrete amount I’d go for these 3 years.

trope: What’s a pet peeve you have about writing?

Writer’s block is the obvious choice but also that feeling of having the scene perfectly laid out in your head but in that moment, you don’t manage to put it in the right words and convey the feelings etc you want to when you’re actually writing it, that really sucks!

Thank you!!