Negan Imagine ~ Sleigh Ride


Summary: Negan takes the reader on a trip outside the Sanctuary that ends better than she thought

This is my entry for @ne-gans lisas5kxmaschallenge and my prompt was “sledding”! I had a lot of fun with this, and I really hope you all will enjoy this too! 


“Hey, don’t fall asleep on me”, a deep voice rumbled through to you as the truck vibrated softly beneath you, keeping your eyes from falling shut, even though the tiredness that was stuck in your bones kept putting more weight on your lids.
You could feel Negan nudging you slightly with his prepared can of coffee, his signature grin growing all over his lips as soon as your eyes glanced at him, then to the can,”Need you here with me.”
You let out a drowsy grunt, stretching your entangled limbs that had kept you in an embryo-like position in the passenger seat beside Negan. With another small huff you grabbed the can, turned its lid just enough to open it and eventually allow the hot and wakening coffee to run down your throat, filling you for a short moment with the feeling that it could actually work.
“Why did we have to move out so early, Negan?”, you mumbled as you put the can back to the other things he had prepared for your little trip in the early morning hours away from the Sanctuary and through the winter wonderland the world had turned into over night.
When he had stood before your door just more than an hour ago, with his arms full of supplies, the sky had still been pitch black, giving you the feeling that nearly no time had passed since you had fallen into bed after work.
If it was up to you, you could have just cuddled up with him on the bed, waited until at least the sun was up and then get going but this wasn’t Negan’s plan.
His plan was laying behind your seats in the truck and it was nothing else than a damn sleigh.
The thing probably hadn’t seen the daylight since the world had gone to shit but that would most certainly change in near future, judging from the excited glance in his eyes as they ran over the new fallen but still thick layer of snow that laid over the woods.
You still had to figure out why exactly the big bad wolf wanted to go out of all things sledding with you, but you had your few guesses even though your still tired mind didn’t allow you to widen them too much.

“Baby, we had to get going ‘cause your man’s still got shit to do ‘round home, and ‘cause we go now, we got an assload of time just for us”, he explained, glancing over to you as one of his large hands gripped the steering wheel tighter, while the other one reached towards your leg, squeezing your thigh with a larger growing grin as soon as he caught the shiver his touch elicited within you.
“Besides, that’s what my mom did with me when I was a damn kid, had to go to work till late evening so she got me up at the asscrack of dawn so we could still go sledding before all the other kids had fucked up the hill with their dumbass sleds”, he said, a soft smile mixing into the grin, his eyes wandering over the road in front of him and the sky that slowly grew lighter as he served you the answer to your question why he wanted to go sledding on a sliver plate.
You smiled slightly to yourself, allowing your glance to wander over his face and catch the way the nostalgia was flooding his veins and grasping his handsome features.
For a short moment you drifted off into memories as well, caught by what had been and what still could be if the dead hadn’t begun to walk the earth.
“Dreaming?”, Negan asked after a short silence with a soft chuckle, his fingers tracing along your knee as you shook your head slightly.
“Nah…just got caught up by nostalgia”, you mumbled, before you pushed the thoughts out of your head as you glanced through the truck, grinning as other thoughts quickly replaced them “Oh and wondering you didn’t hang up some mistletoes in here too.”
“Fuck…should’ve thought about that”, he said with a throaty chuckle, pushing the steering wheel with a groan before he shook his head slightly, grinning wider as he glanced over at you.
“Ya know what I just realized?”, he asked, dragging his tongue over his lower lip with relish ,”I’ve never fucked on a sled, we could change that.”
“Mhmm sure”, you chuckled, irony swinging through your voice ,”You couldn’t even get me under a mistletoe yet so-”
“Yet”, he retorted quickly, raising his hand from your leg to point his finger demonstratively into the air,”Still got some time”
“Good luck with that”, you chuckled, feeling his hand squeezing your thigh once more as he laid it back down your leg before he nodded towards the supplies in the foot room before your seat.
“Now eat your croissant, need you to be all strong and full.”
“Sure, Mom.”
“Eat or I fill ya up with something else”, he chuckled, trying to sound firm even though the tease sounded fully through his deep voice as shook your head with a laugh and eventually reached towards the supplies and crammed out the food.
You had just stuffed the last piece of the chocolate croissant into your mouth as a deep gasp left his lips and his hand shot up to point into the white landscape before you.
“There we are!”

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