Negan Imagine ~ Cold Hands



“Fuck, your hands are cold!”, Negan nearly called out as he stared down at your hands in his large palms, swollen and red from the snow outside the Sanctuary and the rough wood of the shovel you’d held onto for the last hour.
You only nodded as Negan moved his thumbs along the sides of your hands, the heat of his own soothing you a little while it made your stomach tingle more as you caught his eyes roaming over your face.
They were curious and had that teasing, roguish glance stuck in them, mixed up with the warmth you’d been seeing more and more over the last while. The only things that could distract you from his eyes were the snowflakes that were floating down the sky, some of them landing in his black hair that set a strong contrast in the bright surrounding and entangled in his beard, while he flashed a wide, toothy grin that let his dimples show beneath the thick salt and pepper stubble. 
“Gotta get these nice and warm again, huh?”, he mumbled as his eyes dropped back down to your entangled hands as his grasped yours tighter and brought them closer to him, leading them a little up before some moving figures that you could see from the corners of your eyes caught your attention.
Your glance swayed to the three men that were standing by one of the entrances, smoking cigarettes that filled the cold air with some gray hot smoke while they watched you and their leader closely, talking and looking over again and again, almost like little girls on the school yard.
“Oh, guess they like watchin’”, Negan’s deep voice huffed, the annoyance clearly audible even though the grin was still on his lips before it suddenly flattened and his eyes narrowed into a threatening glare.
“Hey creeps, don’t ya got fucking work to do?”, he nearly roared through the air,  loud and firm, enough to let the grown men at the entrance flinch a little, throw their cigarettes in record time to the snowy ground, putting them out with their shoes and the help of the snow as they hastily nodded.
“Yes, boss”, they called back out, nodding again before they hurried inside and shut the heavy metal door with a loud bang behind them, leaving you alone with Negan in the courtyard. 
“Well, back to it”, he chuckled in the next moment, grasping your hands a little tighter as he held them closer and leaned down, enough to feel his hot breath brushing over your swollen knuckles. One good thing about the icy outside was that your cheeks were already reddened anyway by the cold, the blush that was creeping onto them not as noticeable but still, and much to your dislike, Negan seemed to notice what he was doing there to you with these couple touches. 
“What?”, he mumbled, grinning only wider as he lead your hands higher up, enough to brush his lips over your fingers, showing you exactly that he was aware on his effect on you in these very moments.
“Nothing”, you mumbled anyway, mirroring his grin slightly that only grew into a roguish smirk while his rough beard stubble was tickling your sensitive skin, creating a contrast to the surprising softness of his lips.
“Mhmm sure”, he husked, his eyes not leaving yours as his thumbs kept stroking over the side of your hands and warmed them second by second more up with his large palms. A soft chuckle fell from your lips as you shook your head softly about him which only motivated him to keep going with his caresses. 
“Didn’t get yourself some gloves just for this here now huh?”, Negan mumbled, the tease clearly audible in his voice as he grinned at you, sneaking his tongue over his lower lip,”Hoped I’d put those pretty hands in my pants.”
“I didn’t”, you laughed, nudging his arm a little with your elbow while more heat rose up into your cheeks, too much by now to be explained by the cold,”Didn’t find any and Simon was stressing us to get outside.”
“Well, looks like I gotta talk to my second hand man”, Negan replied quickly, brushing over your flushed cheeks much to your surprise while he grasped your hands a little tighter ,”Just gotta decide if I gotta scold the shit out of him or thank him for giving me that here.” 
You wanted to reply something, but your mind was blank for a moment as you just stared at him with slightly opened lips that waited for your head to give it some words to say. But instead you just let out another soft chuckle and shook your head again, glimpsing at him as he held your hands a little lower, close to his chest, still keeping them warm and cozy, oppositely to the rest of your body that was exposed to the icy coldness and got struck by a shiver that ran down your back, eliciting trembles to shake through you.
“Shit, you’re freezing”, he grumbled, the grin flattening for a moment before it grew wide once more, “C’mon let’s get in and get ya warmed up. Your shift’s over for today and that’s a damn command!”
“Good”, you chuckled, not complaining about that order as you felt more cold creeping from your feet up your legs, and felt it brushing over your skin and slipping down your thick jacket.
Negan only let go of one of your hands in the next moment, keeping the other in his as he nodded towards the door the men had slipped through earlier and started to trudge through the fresh snow, leading you along with him while the snowfall began to get heavier. The snowflakes seemed to get thicker as they fell from the sky and landed onto both of you, entangling in your hair and smoothing against your clothes while you held onto Negan’s hand, an urge inside you yearning to get as much of his warmth as you could until he would let go of you again.
“I already got some plans how to get you heated up again”, Negan laughed as you got closer to the door, grinning widely at you as the tingling warmth inside you let you ignore the freezing cold, your icy feet and the goosebumps that had spread by now over your whole body, and instead let you only focus on the tall man beside you as you laughed back at him.
“Yeah, that’s what I already thought.”

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