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Ross Marquand in “The Making Of The First Half Of Season 10" Promo


“…watch your back, kid.”


#Yeah, thats the North Star. If you get lost at night, just find that star.


I had been in discussion with Angela about showing a different side of Michonne’s navigation of life. I thought it was a very interesting moment because it was him in so much crisis, and pain, and loss, and loneliness – and then connecting with her on that level… They’re both dealing with loneliness and loss. It’s that moment – though it is one that she of course pulls away from – it’s a moment where a connection is understood. – Danai Gurira


Negan Provokes Aaron in the 10×03 Sneak Peek



Amy Blanc Lacy: I do not post many behind the scenes pictures and videos but I do miss Andy and we do sometimes have dance parties thanks to Michael Clark, the sound mixer. This must be 3 or 4 years old but it’s one of my favorites. Denise will know the exact date I am sure. I miss you Andrew Lincoln.




Gracie high-fiving Aaron with her fake metal arm 


10.01 – “Lines We Cross” | 10.06 – “Bonds”