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Negan Imagine ~ Hot Shower

All you need after getting into a heavy snowstorm is a hot shower with the big bad wolf, right?

Winter Special!

“Negan, I swear to fucking god my toes are freezing off”, you called out as you stumped with fast steps up the stairs, panting underneath the thick but drained layers of clothes that were clinging to your body, caused by the sudden snowstorm that had overwhelmed your original beautiful walk within the woods that had resembled a winter wonderland.

“Sure”, Negan chuckled teasingly, the keys he tossed onto the wooden regal in the hallway echoing up to you as you fumbled on your scarf to get the soaked fabric off your body.

“Told ya already in the car I could warm you up…the special way”, Negan chuckled with even more tease in his voice as the zipper of his jacket mixed with a couple of his heavy footsteps, “I mean you’re already soaking wet so…”

With that you tossed your drained scarf down the stairs, right into the widely grinning face of his. 

His eyes were still gleaming, his lips were still drawn into a smirk as he caught the scarf with his large hands, just to run one of his gloved hands over his already wet salt and pepper stubble that matched his glistening black hair.

“Oh you’ll regret that…I’ll get ya”, he chuckled, grinning devilish at you as you shrieked by his sudden movement up the stairs, before laughter rumbled through your body as you turned back around and ran further up.

Both of your footsteps echoed over the wooden floor as you stormed towards the bathroom at the end of the hallway, your fingers fumbling on your jacket to toss it behind yourself, trying to create some obstacles for Negan to overcome.

“That won’t stop me”, he chuckled just as you grabbed the handle of the bathroom’s door, ripping it open so you could slip in and push it shut right before reached you.

“Hey!”, he shouted laughing as he heard you turning the lock while a grin spread over your lips as you saw the shadows his boots were casting beneath the door.

Stepping closer to it you began to drag the soaked clothes off your body and tossed them to the floor, purposely loud so he could hear it.

”Baby, that right there is my job”, got finally elicited by him as he nudged with his boots against the door, trying to get your attention.

“Nah, not now.”

“That’s my punishment for you”, you added as you got to your underwear that was just as you had expected as drained as everything else you’ve had clung to your body ,”For your glorious shortcut through the woods.”

“You always love that!”, he chuckling tried to defend his idea that had ended up letting the both of you err through the storm that had gotten thicker and harder with each moment.

“Not in a fucking snowstorm, when everything’s white so you can’t see shit”, you laughed, reaching into the shower to turn the water on, already pushing it into the highest direction in hope to get hot water as soon as possible.

“Now Baby that’s something you should be used to”, he chuckled, the satisfaction of using this opportunity to tease you sounding clearly through his voice as you stepped into the shower and grinned at the door.

Within seconds the hot water hit your skin and washed over your freezing toes, eliciting a satisfied moan to fall from your lips that turned the man in front of the door into a whining dog.

“I’m really suffering out here, think that’s enough”, he said, audibly pouting as you chuckled softly and decided to finally deliver him from his pain outside.

Reaching out of the shower you turned the key, trying to not slip as you stretched yourself a little more to pull the handle down and open the door.

“Get in”, you mumbled with a grin as soon as your eyes met his gleaming hazel ones.

You could swear you had rarely seen that man get so fast out of his clothes as now, seemingly taking him only seconds to strip down to nothing and slip into the shower to you.

His large hand ran through his damp hair, stroking the black strands back as he grinned at you, running his tongue slowly over his lower lip until his arms flicked suddenly towards you.

In the matter of a split second he pulled you against his still cold body, cradling you against his chest as the sudden struck of coldness rushed through your body that had been spoiled with hot water until now.

“Oh you asshole”, you chuckled, squirming as he held you purposely closer, enjoying to torture you a little for locking him out.

“Yeah, that asshole you madly fucking love”, he grumbled with a low laugh back, pressing his lips to your temple before he moved the both of you closer to the hot water again, enough so its broad stream could hit the both of you.

“Ah this is fuckin’ good”, he groaned out as you slung your arms around his torso and felt the water slowly heating up his skin beneath your fingertips.

Slowly you glanced up, looking into the warm eyes that ran over your face before he leaned in and captured your lips, pulling you into a blissfully deep kiss.

You hummed against his lips, hearing him groaning softly in response that elicited a whole other heat within your body as you sunk further into his kiss and his strong embrace.

“Fuck, this is perfect”, Negan grumbled against your lips as you eventually parted, pecking them once more before he pulled you closer, allowing you to nuzzle your face into the curve of his neck while the hot water kept pelting down on the both of you.

You hummed softly as you nuzzled your nose into his heated skin, closing your eyes for a moment as his fingers traced up and down your spine and elicited small, pleasant waves of comfort to wash through your body.

“Can we stay just like this for a bit?”, you softly mumbled as you cuddled closer against his broad and tall frame, enjoying his closeness as he dipped down to press his lips on your shoulder and let his salt and pepper stubble brush in the most pleasant way along your skin.

“Sure we can”, he mumbled back as he leaned up again, resting his head against yours as he slung his arms a little tighter around you while a small grin grew on your lips as a memory flashed back up.

“And then we can get back to that offer from the car…if it still stands”, you mumbled, just as a throaty laughter rumbled through his chest and his booming voice echoed through the bathroom.

“Oh it damn right does!”

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Do yourselves a favor and watch ‘Nailed it! Holiday edition’ on Netflix, I’m laughing my damn head off here

Merry Fuckin’ Christmas (One-Shot)


Summary:  It’s Christmas day at the Sanctuary and it’s snowing, but Negan still has work to do…

Pairing:  Negan x Reader

Warnings:  Language


Author’s Note:  This is my entry for @kittenofdoomage‘s Canon Christmas Challenge.  It’s just a short little fluff piece, but it was so much fun to write Negan letting off a little steam.  My prompt was shovelling snow.  Happy reading!

It was a wonderland, the bleak grey monstrosity of the Sanctuary and its grounds blanketed with sparkling white, untouched, unsullied.  You’d awoken early, the watery sunlight that crept into your dorm casting a luminous glow over the room, and sending you flying to the window to see that it had finally happened, and minutes later you were racing from your dorm, bundled up in the warmest clothes you owned.  Now, only your footprints cut through the fresh snow which crunched under foot as you spun, arms outstretched, tipping your head back to catch the falling flakes on your tongue.  You felt like a child again, full of hope and amazement, filled with the desperate desire to flop down onto your back and make a snow angel.  You were about to give in to your urges, were readying yourself to fall backwards, when the sound of scraping metal reached your ears, and you frowned in confusion, following the sound around the building to the front, where you could see a solitary figure brandishing a shovel, scraping the snow away from the gates.  

Drawing nearer, your heart skipped a beat as you recognised the long-limbed movements of your leader, the dangerous head Savior that you feared and respected in equal amounts.  Your dealings with him had always been minimal, and yet he was raising a hand in your direction, beckoning you over as he leant on the handle of his shovel, dragging his arm across his forehead as he waited for you to cross the yard towards him.

‘Well, good morning there, sweetheart, and merry fuckin’ Christmas!’

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Reblogging so you all can get a just as big smile on your lips as I did reading this!😊❄️

Negan’s Winter Writing Challenge


I’ve been thinking a while about finally celebrating the follower milestone and the 2 year anniversary of this blog, so here it finally is, my Winter Writing Challenge for Negan.
Beneath the ‘keep-reading’-cut are about 35 winter related prompts (including some Christmas and New Year related ones) which you can use all the way you like!

Anybody’s welcome to join and I honestly can’t wait to see more Negan fics all over tumblr!



• Please send me an ask, containing the prompt(s) you’d like to have (You can also send it anonymously in case you have a secondary writing blog and don’t wanna show your main one. Just mention the blog you’re participating with.)

•  You don’t have to follow me to participate, the challenge is open to anyone  no matter if you’re a writing blog or even haven’t written anything before, if you’re interested, you’re more than welcome to give it a shot

• You can either choose just one prompt or combine two if you like, but please don’t go over this maximum

• You can choose any prompt you want, even if somebody else already has it  but if I notice that one prompt (or combination) is chosen 4 or even 5 times, I’ll most likely close it, so we end up with a bigger variety. 

• It can be fluff, smut, angst, whatever you can imagine (in case you write about sensitive topics please use warnings)

• It has to be Negan x Reader (but which gender you choose is of course up to you)

• It can be as long (or short) as you want, but if you reach over 500 words, please use a ‘keep-reading’ cut

• It can be set in the apocalyptic world of ‘The Walking Dead’ but you can also set it in an AU or in the time before the apocalypse if you like 

• Make sure to tag me and use the hashtag “Negan’s Winter Writing Challenge”. As soon as I’ve seen your imagine, I’ll send you a message, but since tumblr is known for messing tags up, you are welcome to send me a message and let me know in case I don’t respond in the matter of a day.

• The deadline is the 27th of december (If you need more time, that is absolutely no problem, just please let me know!) 

Thanks in advance to everyone who’s interested in taking part, if you don’t wanna participate yourself, I’d be real happy if you’d still share this post!

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❄️Still enough time left to sign up!❄️



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