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If they are (yay!) Imma quickly send you my idea, well it's not really an idea but just a need lmao. In the comic con vid where andy blows glitter in normans face, about half way through it norman like sits in andys lap and basically what I'm saying; can I please ask for a request where Daryl straddles the reader. It can be for whatever reason (defs does not have to be smut) but i just want that man to touch me, maybe he is worried you got bit, or maybe he is just exploring your body on a ….

Gonna reply to the other/rest ask 🙂


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@thewalkingdead-imagines​ I LOVE YOU 💖


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That’s okay hun! Take your time! We will be here always xx

Thank you!! Really means a lot 🙂

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I absolutely love the way you write Negan. His characterisation is always on point!! You always write so beautifully I always look forward to whatever you write next.

Thank you so so much!! That’s really one of the biggest compliments for me, can’t tell you how happy that makes me!


I am flying back to college in the morning, and im terrified to fly. I'm imagining Carol sitting beside me, my head on her shoulder, and holding her hand while preparing to fly, and her peppering my face with kisses to distract me when the plane takes off.

I‘m a little late to answer this so you’re probably already back at college, but I hope you had a calm flight and imagining that could help you deal with the fear! 🙂


Negan + poetry

A little New Years update:

I haven’t given you any updates for the Negan series in a while and that’s because I took a little break from writing it and instead worked on the last piece I posted since I kinda needed to fill my „writing tank“ up again.

The last part for 10A is pretty long because it covers the last ¾ episodes from both the Reader and Negan‘s point of view since they’re obviously separated after Negan‘s escape. That’s also why it’s taking so long, writing them apart is just harder and more weary than being able to write them together.

Still, I hope you’re gonna like it and I’m back at writing for it again, I just don’t know when it’s gonna be done but I’ll keep you updated 🙂

Thank you for being so patient with me! Have a great day/night🖤


Negan | Weapons of choice