Author: We are the walking dead.

“Daryl is awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

“All shippers should just stop attacking each other. No side is
innocent in having done so, so don’t pretend, but just stop attacking
each other and just love your ship. You don’t like someone else’s ship?
So what? Leave them alone and may the best ship win. Periodt.”

“As a caryl lover, I will say I’ve seen some abelism or racism
from my side of the fandom, but i think we all do our best to call out
that stuff when we see it. I think all fans should do this no matter
what side you are on. Racism, ageism, ableism, none of that is okay.”

“I am head over heels in love with Melissa McBride. I’ve seen everything she is in and love the transgormation of Carol”

“I confess I don’t miss Rick at all. Will not miss Michonne
either. Heck if there were no Grimes left on the show it would be A-okay
with me.”

“I am flying back to college in the morning, and im terrified to
fly. I’m imagining Carol sitting beside me, my head on her shoulder, and
holding her hand while preparing to fly, and her peppering my face with
kisses to distract me when the plane takes off.”

“I think dog is a reincarnation of Rick”

Oh hon, dont worry! I hope everything works out in your personal life. I was just worried about you. Youre my favorite blog. And no, not about Dog. Though it is an interesting Idea, What with the timing and all. But I sent in the one about the airplane and Carol.

Oh, I’m in the process of doing that one. I just need to find the right photo. Thank you for your concerns. Also, thank you for saying we are our favorite blog. I’m going to try to bump it up for the second post today. Thanks again. <3

Im sorry to be a bother. lol. I just sent in a confession like a week or so ago and thought the blog had died. making sure you were ok

I got it. Sorry for the delay, your confession I believe is about Dog being Rick in incarnated? If so it should be the first one posted today. I usually don’t get on my computer anymore due to personal issues, but I’m going to try to be more on top of things. Again, sorry for the delay.

are you still accepting confessions?

Yes, we always are. Feel free to submit away. ☺️