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Negan ~ The Walking Dead

S10 E1 ~ “Lines We Cross”







negan + bde (inspired by @emilyevancamp)


Negan (10×5)


writer asks 📃

send these to a writer you know or answer some yourself!

ink: what do you do to “set the mood” when writing?

pen and paper: do you prefer writing by hand or on a device? why?

diary: how many pieces have you written that are just for you or will never see the light of day?

journal: do you ever write just so you can enjoy something to read?

novella: do you prefer to write short stories, one-shots, or entire novels?

pulitzer: tell about/link a piece where you fielt your writing was the best.

genre: what genre do you prefer to write in?

narrator: what pov do you like writing in best?

backstory: how did you come to love writing?

time-lapse: how long have you been writing (as a hobby or for work)?

characterization: describe your favorite character(s) you’ve written.

carnegie: what authors and/or books/stories have inspired you to write or influenced your work?

faulkner: what tropes do you LOVE writing? which ones are your guilty pleasure?

o’connor: what tropes/genres do you dislike writing?

dickinson: what insecurities do you have about your own writing? what do you think you should improve on?

playlist: what kind of music/songs help you write? do you have a writing playlist?

record: have you written things based off of songs? do you like to?

nobel: have you published anything you’ve written? online or irl?

notepad: can you write anywhere or do you have to be in a specific place and mood to write?

parchment: how often do you or your personal life influence your writing?

dedication: if you were to publish a book or multiple, who would you dedicate the book(s) to?

trope: what’s a pet peeve you have about writing?

input: what’s something you hate that people say to you about writing/your writing?

critic: what’s the best piece of advice you’ve ever received about writing?

mifflin: what do you feel is your strong suit in writing?

houghton: what’s something you love that people compliment your pieces on?