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Q: What is the significance of Carl telling Michonne that she’s his best friend?

Chandler Riggs:
It’s a confirmation of that mother-child bond that they have. I think after her kid died, Carl kind of really filled that gap for her. They had a really close connection – closer than she had with Rick. That moment really confirms that connection.

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When I told you about Andre, you never asked how he died.
I knew why.
Yeah, but the how is important.

We’re close. Just gotta make it through another day.


Rick & Michonne + saving Carl


When I told you about Andre, you never asked how he died. I knew why. Yeah, but the how is important.

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A Richonne Ranking: 40 Moments
[3] Okay – A, 4×16

Given what we know about Michonne’s backstory (her boyfriend’s negligence having led to her son’s death), Rick’s killer bite is a defining moment. It’s a moment that’s both shocking to the viewer and to Rick himself. It’s primal and gruesome, but his bezerk button was seeing Carl in danger and there’s tenderness in that. The ferocious paternal instinct he reacts with feels like a direct contradiction of how things played out with Michonne’s own son. Seeing that Rick will do anything and everything, dismantle his own sense of self even, to protect Carl appears to deepen Michonne’s love for and belief in him just at a point where he could easily get caught up in self-loathing. Their priorities align.

This sweet morning-after moment between them is a generous gift to Rick. It reminds him who he still is. That he’s okay in her eyes. What he did is okay. They are okay.

  • Danai: There’s a friendship there that is what I think I treasure about Michonne’s connection with Rick. […] The way that Rick takes care of her son is something that, unfortunately, her man did not do.
  • Scott Gimple: People are like, “Oh my god, what if they were together?” It’s like… they’re really, really intimate. The way they spoke together, for example, in [Season 4, Episode] 16, it was meant to convey just how far these people have come with each other.
  • Andy: I think he’s met his match with Michonne. I think this is the one. This is the greatest love story of his life.


I see how you been looking at your dad. You don’t have to be afraid of me, or him. – He told me the other day, that he was proud of me. That I was a good man. I’m not.