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What the hell is he doing? Something he shoul…

What the hell is he doing?

Something he shouldn’t.

We gotta stop him.

janel-moloney:confused!Andy requested by gekari ❤️


confused!Andy requested by gekari ❤️

janel-moloney:@WalkrStalkrCon: “I’m a Sheriff’s Deputy! I can’t…


@WalkrStalkrCon: “I’m a Sheriff’s Deputy! I can’t hit Negan with a gun, but I’m scrupulously honest!” Andrew Lincoln and @DanaiGurira joke #WSCAtlanta

notabadday: A Richonne Ranking: 40 Moments[9] Apples and…


A Richonne Ranking: 40 Moments
[9] Apples and Apprehension – East, 6×15

I think I’ve shown tremendous self-restraint by keeping this gem at #9 because it watered my crops, cleared my skin and added years to my life. Here we see that happy, confident Rick is a generous soul who gives and gives and—well he tries to, at least! After some cozy spooning and a light bite, Rick’s after a little sumthin sumthin and, well, if you ask me, Michonne deserves to see what he has in mind. Girl shouldn’t worry so much; it’ll definitely be fine. The fact that her reluctant rebuff is tempered with hands all up in his curls is the only reason I will let this one pass.

They are so close to each other in this moment, so crazy in love that, to paraphrase Boyfriend of the Year™, everything we need is right here inside this scene and I’m not losing any of it—oh, fuck it all to hell! That lasted, what, three minutes?! Of course it did because Walking Dead 101: Michonne is always right.

At his lowest point after You Know Who’s shenanigans, this quiet morning moment is one of five choice snapshots that feature in Rick’s flashbacks of Michonne. Their last moment of happiness.

  • Danai: The confidence Rick has… Michonne has a bit of apprehension when she speaks of how Maggie is very concerned about an attack coming our way. But he somewhat appeases it. He’s got, like, 100% confidence going on in that bed with that apple. You know? She’s like, “All right then! We got this!”
  • Andy: Yeah, it had been a good night.