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Maggie Rhee [6/?]


Rick Grimes v. Andy Lincoln



And it ain’t fair.




Rosita in 8.12. Requested by anon


Negan in every episode – The Key

What the hell is your problem, Rick? Huh? I mean, I know you’re working through some shit. The worst kind of shit, I know. But if you aren’t the most stubborn know-it-all prick I’ve ever crossed dicks with. Why didn’t you just let me save you, Rick? I’m good at it. I saved everybody in the Sanctuary, the Outpost, Hilltop, Kingdom. I saved them all. Their kids can grow up safe. They didn’t lose one after we took over. All those people were doing just fine before Rick Grimes! You’ve not only failed your boy, you failed your people, Rick. Kind of makes me sick just thinking about it. All that wasted potential. But, see, there is still hope for you. A one-time deal that I will make in the memory of your badass son, someone that I actually respected. You get Hilltop, Kingdom, Alexandria to fall in line, and our arrangement is back in place, and you are forgiven, Rick. I will lower my take from 50% to 25%. A lousy 25%. But you, you got to come work for me. Janitorial to start. Not bad at all. Your people, they get to live like 75% kings! Now, that is an epic freakin’ Christmas-Hanukah-Kwanzaa gift all rolled up into one, considering what a thorn in my ass cheek you’ve all been.


The Walking Dead’s first nude zombie


Judith Grimes in every episode – The Key

Come here, sweetheart.


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