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“Ten fucking minutes left!”, Negan called out as he dashed through the bedroom, his eyes gleaming excitedly up as he grabbed your wrist and pulled you up from the black leather couch.
“Follow me Baby, ‘cause I got a surprise!”, he chuckled as he bit his lip with a grin and dragged you away.
“Hell, Negan, where are we going?”, you asked as he quickly grabbed Lucille, swung her on his shoulder and opened the heavy wooden door of the apartment hastily.
“As I said, it’s a damn surprise so don’t make me fucking ruin it for you”, he chuckled as the door fell shut behind you and he pulled you with him through the hallways of the Sanctuary until you got to the stairs that let up to the roof.
His large hand wandered from your wrist to your hand as he let his fingers entangle with yours while he stumped the stairs just as excitedly as before up.

Just seconds later you found yourself standing in front of a bunch of massive fire crackers, ready to be fired and shot into the night sky, next to them a small provisional clock that was counting down, a gas lamp and eventually an amused Negan who was grinning widely at you.
“Simon found this shit on a damn run and boom! Here we are”, he chuckled as he leaned slightly back, his glance filled with the joy of a kid who had just gotten a new toy to play with.
“And no worries. My men got that shit with the dead fucks covered”, he said as he walked towards you.
“Come here”, he mumbled before he pulled you into his arms as they wrapped tightly around you and pulled you close.
“Last minute’s going. Get ready”, he said as he looked at the clock before he glanced with a smirk back to you.
Your arms wrapped around his torso as you cuddled closer into his warm chest that was being the best heater in this cold December night and leaned your head against his neck before you heard his voice counting down.
“Ten – Nine – Eight – Seven – Six – Five – Four – Three – Two- One -”
And with that you felt his warm lips on yours as he pulled you into a deep and smoldering kiss that managed to get your knees weak, while small hums and growls rubbled through his chest.
“Happy New fucking Year, Baby”, he muttered against your lips, your eyes still closed before you slowly opened them and looked into his happy face.
“Happy New Year”, you mumbled as you pecked his lips and felt him leaning his forehead against yours for a moment while a deep content hum left his lips.

“Alright, first one”, Negan called out moments later as he had let go of you and his lips had curled back into the wide grin while he was stumping towards the first smaller tube like fire cracker that was securely placed on the ground.
“You ready?”, he asked as he looked with a smirk back to you.
“Of course”, you chuckled before he leaned down, enlightened the fuse and quickly jogged back to you just as a tall spray alike flame in form of thousands of small glittery sparks bursted out of the tube.
“Ho-ly shit! Now look at that damn fucker! Small as hell but cums like a big one!”, Negan called out as he pulled you closer to him, happy laughs erupting his and also your body while you watched the flame bursting higher until it slowly burned out.
A small cold shudder ran over your back as Negan’s warmth left your side to grab the lighter from the ground for the next firecracker.
“Ah shit, wait”, you heard him say as soon as his glance had caught the tremble that shook through your body.
Quickly, his leather jacket slid from his body before he grabbed it and walked closer.
“Leave it on. Negan, you’re gonna freeze”, you said as you nodded to the plain white shirt he was just wearing underneath while he shrugged his shoulders.
“Well shit, then my ass gotta have to freeze”, he said with a small chuckle before you gave in and slid your arms through the warm leather sleeves.
“Hell, now you’d just need to wear no fucking thing underneath”, Negan mumbled with a wide smirk and a throaty chuckle as his eyes roamed over you.
Letting out a laugh as you slightly shoved his chest you nodded back to the fire crackers.
“Maybe later but now it’s my turn”, you chuckled as you took the lighter out of Negan’s hand and walked towards a bunch connected rockets.
Quickly, you enlightened the fuse before you stepped back again and rushed to Negan’s side while the first firecracker painted the night sky in a bright red. 
Just as Negan’s arms wrapped back around you, the next rocket let the sparks switch from red to light blue while you leaned against him and stared up into the sky that painted into more and more beautiful colors with every moment.
“That was a great surprise”, you mumbled as you leaned slightly up to peck his lips.
His warm lips placed on yours again while you heard another rocket shooting up before you felt his lips forming into a wide smirk against yours.
“Well, Baby got some good news for you, ‘cause there’s another rock hard surprise just waiting for you in my damn pants.”

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