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         “Mercy prevails over my wrath” — obviously that’s tied to Rick, but it was first uttered by Siddiq. To give an eye into our process, at first, we were going to play a version where maybe Michonne and that group was sort of siloed from the information about Siddiq. But in talking with Danai, she felt like she wanted to be able to honor her connection to Siddiq, which I think was a really valuable thought. Because there is this very deep connection to her family and Carl. Siddiq was really important to Carl.

         And so then he was really important to Rick and Michonne too. And I think being able to have this comment that immediately ties both the love of her life and this dear friend who was like family to her who just died — it all kind of worked. It just felt like it kind of did this nice triple duty in the moment and our actors did an amazing job playing it. – Angela Kang


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The WalKing Dead Paley Fest Panel photographed by LA Times on March 22, 2019

Norman Reedus

Christian Serratos

Ryan Hurst

Angela Kang

Eleanor Matsuura

Lauren Ridloff

Chris Hardwick


jlcvisuals: #notiphone Wow! This cast is 🔥! Love me some #TWD and they brought the good for their appearance at #Paleyfest last night! I love them all, but have to admit, @laurenridloff, who plays Connie, is my new favorite! ❤So, I need you all to know, #daryldixon ’s new nemesis, #Beta, the incredibly NICE @rambodonkeykong, is one BIG, intimidating dude! But his smile totally disarms!
A big thanks to TWD writer Angela Kang for letting me make portraits with her-she worried she didn’t know how to do it- she was great!
All for #latimes! #latphotostudio


Angela Kang, Norman Reedus, Ryan Hurst, Christian Serratos, Eleanor Matsuura and Lauren Ridloff attend the Paley Center for Media’s 2019 PaleyFest LA – “The Walking Dead” in Los Angeles, California.


angelakkang: Forever family. #latergram #twd #twdfamily #nycc

“So far Angela Kang is doing a good job as the new showrunner but it will never be enough to make me want to stick around once Andrew leaves. There’s simply no TWD without Rick Grimes. It started with him and it should end with him. I like our core group but they will never be able to fill his shoes imo. It’s like asking me to stick around for more seasons of Breaking Bad without Walter White. Sorry but I’ll pass”

‪7 years ago today. From the shoot of “Judge, Jury, Executioner” in Season 2. ❤️❤️ #twdfamily‬

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‪Jeffrey DeMunn, Angela Kang and Scott Wilson‬ ‬

Tom Payne, Khary Payton, Angela Kang and Yvette Nicole Brown bts of the Talking Dead Preview Special for The Walking Dead Season 9