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Do you know if there’s a video of Andy blowing Danai a kiss at the TWD season 9 premier thing in LA?

i don’t, but maybe someone in the tag does. i’ll tag this message for you

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Wow anon thank you 💗

Sorry for the hate. Here is a warm and love filled hug for you to get rid of the negativity *hug*

Thank you anon, right back at you 💗

I kinda feel like it was anti-climatic tbh, i was expecting some massive battle but it didn’t really work for me. I enjoyed the episode (ive enjoyed the whole season tbh, i’m a more casual fan) but the ending imo wasn’t as good as it could of been

Hi anon! I think this was in response to the post I made about the season finale, since you can’t answer anonymously on posts. If so, sorry for the late response. Looking back at the finale I feel like it was good, but I wish it was much longer. Like you said we all expected a massive battle. There were filler episodes this season I could have done without, where they could have made the battle span over two episodes or something. Oh well. I’m excited to see what’s in store for Negan next season honestly, since they like to deviate so much from the comics nowadays 🙂 (yes that’s shade). – 07-10-95

Omg, aw thank you anon! This message brought a smile across my face. <3 For months and months I kept saying this blog would be back, once I managed to get a new laptop. And thankfully I was able to afford one. Not only to edit for this blog, but college as well. I’m glad we’re up and running again. - 07-10-95

same anon. same.